Early grey hair is a sign of longevity

Gray is usually seen as a sign of old age, but a study conducted by researchers from Spain showed that early graying may be a marker of good health and propensity for longevity. Early graying of the people have great chances to live to a very old age, stated the experts.

The researchers found, what connection can be traced between the appearance of early graying and longevity in humans, reducing the risk of early death depends on the substance glutathione produced by the body. This substance is used for the production of pigment in the hair a particular color. But glutathione also has antioxidant properties that protect organs and tissues from inflammation.

According to scientists, with the age of this substance in the body is synthesized less. We have grey hair and a parallel risk of disease, developing in connection with inflammatory processes. Early graying is a sign that the body did not waste valuable antioxidant for the color of the hair, and he was involved for more important tasks that maintain health, say the authors.

Experts came to this conclusion studying the state of a large number of volunteers. It turned out that people who have gray hair started early, was on the physiological indicators are better protected from stress and chronic diseases, and cancer. In addition, experts believe that early gray hair can be a symptom of what illness aging that correlate with neurodegenerative phenomena, the person will not get any.

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