Moon Juice Introduces Refillable Packaging

Moon Juice is the latest brand to go refillable.

The skin care and wellness brand is shaking up its packaging offerings as consumers negotiate less and less on sustainability. First, its capsule supplements — such as SuperYou, SuperHair and SuperBeauty — will be available in refills, sent in biodegradable pouches. The brand will also be introducing lids made of corn-based resin, which take only a year to decompose in backyard composting systems, as opposed to post-consumer recycled plastic. The products’ refills will range in price from $49 to $60.

“It felt like one thing we could do in the supplement industry, and also given that the people that take our capsules are on subscription, it’s an easy way to immediately be doing something better,” said Amanda Chantal Bacon, founder of Moon Juice. “Everything is sent to you in compostable little pouches.”

Bacon recounted her journey with sustainability, which she said is very important to her brand, despite finding the term misleading. “I don’t think any brand that’s out there selling something is really [sustainable]. For true sustainability, we need to go into a non-capitalistic space,” she said. “But as a brand that is selling stuff, we take sustainability very, very seriously and have put a lot of time, attention and energy behind it. It’s being responsible and conscious with sustainability in mind.”

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