Smartphones accelerate the aging of the skin

Scientists representing the British Association of dermatologists, commented on the fact that blue light from smartphones and other mobile devices can adversely affect the skin, causing its accelerated aging. The arguments of researchers on the subject had published an edition of The Sun.

Experts shared statistics, according to which 79% of people use smartphones to visit online before sleep and immediately after waking up in the morning for the smartphones with the same purpose, taken 28%. Scientists say that such habits can have a very serious impact on the health and appearance of skin.

Dermatologists have concluded that blue light emitted from smartphones and other gadgets, contributes to “light pollution” of the skin, which provokes the appearance of symptoms of aging.

“Blue light penetrates deeper into the skin than UV light. If you are a lover of the Internet, don’t be surprised by the appearance of the skin dark spots. Recent studies show that, most likely, the phones contribute to the appearance of wrinkles, sagging and hyperpigmentation,” said the dermatologists.
According to them, lovers to talk on a cell phone can appear dark areas of skin on the side of the face which is in contact with the surface of the screen. If this happens, it means that the dermis has already been exposed to blue light. The experts noted that the pigment cells in the skin are nourished from such light pollution, their distribution aktiviziruyutsya, which in turn accelerates skin aging in General.

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