10 ways to improve memory. Memory training Infographics

The scientists of the University of Virginia was forced to strain people, whose age has passed for 27. It turns out that from this moment our memory and cognitive abilities deteriorate significantly. Don’t want to lose the clarity of mind to old age? Find out 10 proven ways to improve memory.

Teachers are not lying when you said that reading is the best teaching. The information offered by the media and social networks, segmented, diluted with infographics and images as simple as perception. So we used to snatch from the flow of scraps of information, and long texts are given to us all worse. However, it is complex syntax, unfamiliar terms and thematic diversity make us more attentive, curious, thoughtful and erudite.

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For the formation of emotions and memories meets hippocampus the limbic system of the brain. His work can be improved by regularly training the memory. How to do it?

  • Sativas in the supermarket, do not look on the list of products.

  • Try to calculate the amount of the check in mind.

  • Learn poetry by heart.

  • Lay new routes to familiar places.

  • Learn new languages.

  • Play computer games. Yeah, need to remember the sequence of actions will actually benefit your brain.

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This method is suitable to people who have no contraindications to drink coffee: arrhythmia, angina pectoris, insomnia, gastritis and kidney disease. Caffeine stimulates the production of dopamine and norepinephrine neurotransmitters responsible for alertness, energy, intellectual productivity and satisfaction. Drinking 3-4 cups of organic coffee a day, we can boost mental capacity.

Music lessons have a positive effect on the development of mobile intelligence. To such conclusion scientists from the University of Toronto, teaching music literacy to children of primary school age. The experiment lasted for 36 weeks, after which children are mastering keyboards and vocals, improved their performance IQ 6.1-7.6 points. For comparison, their peers who were not attending classes during this time increased the IQ score by 3.9 points. Let the adult brain is less receptive and train, but playing music can relieve stress and reduce cortisol production, responsible for the death of neurons and memory impairment.

About the dangers of Smoking, alcohol and sugar is not just lazy writing. If you want brain was working in full force, give up bad habits in favor of walnuts, fish, spinach, pumpkin seeds and tea with sage. These foods stimulate cognitive function, improve memory, reduce the risk of dementia and protect brain cells from exposure to pathogens.

Habits and thoughtful writing will help you better formulate ideas, analyze the phenomena of reality, broaden vocabulary and help you remember important moments from the past. Do not have to take on the epic novel: it is enough to start a blog. Keeping a personal journal, by the way, has a positive impact on the emotional state of a person. This psychotherapeutic practice has long helped people to cope with anxiety and depression.

Lack of sleep is the worst thing you can give your brain. Insomnia can lead not only to apathy and fatigue, but decreased immunity, obesity, development of diabetes, heart disease and blood vessels. The older we get, the faster decay in the brain neural connections responsible for memory, attention and learning ability. Want to extend their life? Sleep at least 7 hours!

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Chess in all ages believed the game sages. They encourage logical, abstract and strategic thinking, and learn to predict the actions, guess the tactics of the opponent, and make quick decisions. All of these skills are useful in everyday life, improving concentration and memory. Not like playing chess? Switch to the other mind games: checkers, backgammon, Mahjong, go, Monopoly, etc.

The neurons of the brain are the first to suffer from lack of oxygen. This condition threatens a violation of cerebral circulation, slowing reactions, reducing attention, passivity, and drowsiness. Want to avoid the decline of the intellectual forces? A daily walk on the street and ventilate the room where I work.

Even the absolute introverts for the harmonious development requires interaction with society. Communication with friends and strangers forms we have a special type of intelligence is interpersonal. We learn to recognize moods and desires of others, adopt a more balanced and rational decisions, work efficiently, avoid conflict and gain a reputation as a pleasant and competent person.


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