Advertising companies urged to do more to avoid upsetting bereaved people as Mother's Day approaches

Advertising companies could do more to avoid upsetting bereaved people as Mother’s Day approaches, a British MP has said

Conservative Matt Warman said advertising companies could do more to make sure they were respectful of people’s grief, particularly at times like Mother’s Day, which could bring back painful memories for people who have been bereaved.

Speaking in the House of Commons, Mr Warman said his mother had died 10 years ago today at the age of 53.

Mr Warman said: “I was 27. I was not a child but I was, I think, too young to bear some of the sadness I felt in 2009.”

MPs heard that advertising companies could take innovative approaches to making sure they considered the feelings of bereaved people.

Mr Warman said: “One interesting example that I would like to see introduced across the board is a new policy from an online flower company called Bloom and Wild, and they have given customers the opportunity to opt out of Mother’s Day emails because they recognise it can be a very sensitive time for some.

“And if other companies were to follow suit, then the dread, and I do mean dread, around this day might be materially mitigated for many people.”

UK Health minister Jackie Doyle-Price said: “I would encourage all companies who are involved in things at sensitive times and who build relationships with their customers to really be a lot more sensitive in how they contact them.

“It is just good behaviour and it is good corporate social responsibility.”

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