Heart attack in women: signs and symptoms

A heart attack can strike anyone and even those who have never been prerequisites to any heart disease. In addition to the obvious symptoms of a heart attack there are hidden, because of which the patient may not pay attention to their health and do not even know that he had a heart attack.In addition, women’s physiology creates a unique risk factors for this problem, because some diseases that increase the risk, specific to women, such as polycystic ovary syndrome.

Is to say, chevirkyskaya, such as Spain, these diseases are the first cause of female mortality. They’re even ahead of such diseases as breast cancer and ovarian cancer.

Causes of development of heart attack in women

Myocardial infarction is a form of coronary heart disease, in which the portion of the heart muscle develops a full or partial circulatory insufficiency.

Infarction is a necrosis (death) of a certain part of the heart muscle. In most cases, the cause of death of cardiac fibers is a lack of blood flow. And blood supply of the heart, in turn, is disturbed by the fact that his blood vessels (called coronary vessels) are unable to deliver to the tissues oxygen and nutrients.

The main causes of the disease :

  • atherosclerosis
  • obstruction due to surgical procedures (angioplasty, ligation of artery);
  • embolization of cardiac artery thrombosis, fat embolism, etc;.
  • coronary artery spasm (angina, etc.).

Risk factors :

  • the age of 50 years;
  • obesity;
  • diabetes;
  • alcohol abuse;
  • Smoking;
  • excess cholesterol in the blood;
  • physical inactivity;
  • heart attacks in the past

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Symptoms of a heart attack

In many cases the development of heart attack is accompanied by some atypical symptoms, which may be taken by the patient or by the physician for symptoms of other diseases. In fact, many experts admit that in some respects it is very difficult to diagnose a heart attack.It is also worth considering that these signs can be felt for several days or even weeks.

Insomnia and fatigue

Of course this may not be the only symptom of imminent heart attack, and and stress, problems at work — but often, long-term insomnia, predvestnik a heart attack. Or when we feel tired too often, and the fatigue becomes so strong that not strong enough for anything, this may be the first Wake-up call.These symptoms can talk of priblizheniya heart attack, or another cardiovascular disease.

Unexplained anxiety

Anxiety can develop due to difficult life situations, if it is constant maybe econews. But elytriga often accompanied by tingling and heaviness in the chest, it can also be one of symptoms of impending heart attack.

Sweating and dizziness

Perhaps these symptoms are accompanied by menopause, or somatic,but it cannot be excluded that,topozone signs can disturb and before the onset of a heart attack.

The cough and feeling of shortness of breath

Strong cough with pain in chest, zatrudnennouu a deep breath, pain in the chest.

The increased acidity and discomfort in the abdomen

Heartburn or a burning sensation, bloating after meals can also be an early atypical symptoms of a heart attack. According to experts, about 40% of women who survived a heart attack, felt for him similar ailments.

It is important to know

  • Acute less than 2 hours from the start;
  • Sharp up to 10 days from the beginning;
  • Subacute 1045 days from the start;
  • Stage scarring 1, 5-6 months from the start.

Symptoms of heart attack in women are often atypical in nature, that is, women may not experience intense pain in the heart area. Instead of this, there may be pain radiating to the left arm, under the shoulder blade, pain in left shoulder joint, the upper part of the thorax, even in the throat and lower jaw.


First aid in the manifestation of symptoms

Of course, if you notice the first signs of a heart attack, normansangelpet room ambulance, especially if the apartment you are alone and help no one else.The sooner will be assisted during a heart attack, the greater the probability that the outcome of the disease will not be lethal, and that the heart attack will leave less damage.

What to do :

  • You should immediately take the prone or polulezhachee position. To walk, to run and to fuss in panic contraindicated;
  • Temerity pressure, or ask it to do at close;
  • It is recommended to take sedatives validol or Korvalol;
  • If the patient is not alone, that other person must help to give him the cure, to calm, to lay on the bed, if necessary, to open the window to allow flow of the fresh air

Prevention of heart attack in women

More than half of the cases the heart attack is the culmination of a gradually progressive coronary heart disease. This means that the treatment of coronary heart disease can significantly reduce the risk of heart attack.In the prevention of heart attacks and other severe diseases of the cardiovascular system should be a large focus on :

  • food and a day regimen, in advanced options does not appear to overwork and upotrebleniem ссодержаниембольшогоколичествавитаминов, fiber;
  • to monitor their weight, not drastically lose weight and not recover;
  • add to your life physical activity, reducing sedentary lifestyle;
  • control cholesterol and blood sugar;
  • control of blood pressure;
  • to think positively and less stressout

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