Medical-genetic consultation centers and cities of Ukraine

Medical genetic centers offer patients different types of genetic consultations and a shared comprehensive medical genetic services, including identifying cancer gene mutations in different cytogenetic research studies related to child birth and treatment of infertility and various genetic diseases. In this article we have collected addresses Ukrainian centers focused on providing services related to genetics of a person.

Krivoy Rog


Clinic Mother and father at the medical centre My health

Khmelnytsky Highway 96-G

Medical studies involving genetic center Mom Dad carries more than 300 types of genetic studies, among which a paternity test to determine the sex of a child in the early stages, your genome NIPT panorama and more.Medical-genetic center with 10 years of experience in the field of DNA testing is the exclusive representative of the laboratories DDC and Natera in Ukraine. The time of analysis from 1 working day. DNA isolated from any material, nails, hair, abortive material, and so on. Every DNA test is run twice. Two teams independently process the samples of each test and compare the results among themselves. This eliminates the possibility of errors.


Genetic Centralna Dad at the medical center Aktiv-Med

Victory street, 73


Clinic Mother and father on the basis of meditsinskaia Orbit Dentistry

Zaporozhskoe shosse 56, block 6


Clinic Mother and father on the basis of blastogenesis reproduction center

St. April 12, 3A, korpus 2
according to records


Medical-genetic center Mom Dad basedmedicine center Ekstramed

street 15


Medical center GEMAFOND

Forest lane, 5

Biotechnological complex is equipped with the most modern equipment, has a round the clock multi-tiered security and is able to operate autonomously for a long time, thanks to the Autonomous life support systems, generators, and additional quantities of liquid nitrogen. At the moment the company employs more than 200 highly qualified employees and external specialists.

Clinic of reproductive medicine Nadiya

Shelkovichnaya str., 19A

The main activities of the clinic:
Assisted reproductive technologies
Prenatal diagnosis
Outpatient obstetric and gynecological care (pregnancy follow-up and gynecological consultations)

Kyiv Institute Of Genetics Of Reproduction

Victory Avenue, 121-B

The center is engaged in treatment of infertility, genetic and prenatal diagnostics, laboratory tests and many other napravleniyami.

Institute of Reproductive Medicine (IRM)

St. Baggoutovskaya, 1

The clinic deals with the diagnosis and treatment of infertility, as well as implementing donor programmes and management of pregnancy.

Medical center Mom Dad

str 21

Krivoy Rog

Interregional center of medical genetics and prenatal diagnosis

PL. Release 3A

Center providerpatient damage to the genes, diagnosis of damage, and the consequences are already damaged genes, regulation of the morphological or biochemical defect, formed by pathology of genes.

Clinic Mother and father on the basis of meditsinskaia Formanta

Rokossovskogo 2


Clinic Mother and father on the basis of PP Diagnostic center

Ave Romaniuk, 9


Institute of Pediatrics, obstetrics and hereditary pathology

Lysenko str., 31A

Clinic Mother and father at the medical center Space

Svobody Ave., 33


Clinic Mother and father at the medical center Panacea

Admiral Makarov str., 29


Institute of family Health

Kanatnaya str., 134

Clinic Mother and father at the medical center Arnica

Uspenskaya 59


Clinic Mother and father at the medical center of Dr. Royenko

European St. (Frunze), 9-a


Kharkiv interregional specialized medical-genetic centre for rare (orphan) diseases

Independence Avenue, 13

The structure of the centre comprises the following divisions:

  • The Department of clinical genetics (Centre for hereditary pathology of the connective tissue)
  • Oncogenetic counseling (Family center)
  • Department of children’s Psychoneurology
  • Department of ultrasonic diagnosis (Center for perinatal diagnosis)
  • The Department of functional diagnostics (Centre for hereditary pathology of the lungs)
  • Department of genetic monitoring
  • Cytogenetic laboratory
  • Biochemical laboratory (Metabolic center)
  • Department of molecular diagnostics

Clinic Mother and father at the medical center Wellcome

Sadova (Chubar), 2