What does it mean to starve? The day of memory of victims of Holodomor

November 24, in Ukraine 85-th anniversary of the Holodomor. I think oteh, who 85 years ago became the victim of mass starvation.The administrator of Ukrainian Wikipedia Alexander Ivanov with information www.sharethestory.ca created a unique map of the Holodomor video stories, notes and photos of the witnesses of 1932-1933. We analyze the processes that occur in the human body when fasting.

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Maria Lysenko was born 28 Mar 1926 in Kremenchug. Tells how father changed the family jewels for food products in state stores. More video evidence on the Holodomor, see the map below.

The story of the famine through the eyes of the Austrian engineer

Austrian initialactiverules was in Ukraine in 1933. His picture of the famine became one of the few reliable evidence of the disaster.

Great-granddaughter of Winerberger, British photographer Samara pier, arriving in Kharkov a few years ago, photographed the places more than 80 years ago, captured her great-grandfather. Samara has created collages of him and his photos.

The work of Samara pierce was published in the book Masks of the Holodomor, and also presented at the exhibition in the National Museum memorial of victims of the Holodomor.

The photographs of Alexander Wienerberger dead people on the streets, hungry orphans, the queues for milk and siege stores, which brought food. In these photos you can see how the sympathy of passers-by to death from starvation in the streets of the city gradually gives way to indifference, because death became commonplace. Alex wanted to photograph living people, attempts by mothers to protect their children and the scars left from this man-made famine. I think he understood the importance of what he does. Having lived many years in the Soviet Union, he had to understand that Stalin wanted to destroy these photos.

The first 2-3 days without food

People experiencing a stage of excitation of food. During this period, the organism actively uses energy reserves in the form of glycogen in the liver, and also fat and protein. Due to the qualitative restructuring of the system of power-hungry skin begins to change color. Mouth an unpleasant odor.

Great-granddaughter of Winerberger, arriving in Kharkov a few years ago, photographed the places more than 80 years ago, captured her great-grandfather, and created collages of him and his photos.

3-7 days without food

Oddly enough, but in terms of self-control is the first 2-3 days of the hunger strike are the most difficult. On the fourth day of starvation, hunger starts to wane. In the body are depleted of glucose.

Nowhere else take energy but with fat reserves. And if they run out, the body will begin to break down protein, mostly muscle. In this period of time can be traced to sudden weight loss.

At this time there is increased acidification of the interior of the body among the ketone bodies, accumulate carbon dioxide. All this leads to the restructuring and enzymatic apparatus of the cells. Oddly enough, but at this stage of the fasting person can die, but not from a lack of nutrients. During this period the starving decreases the pressure, which you can just lose consciousness during holoduke.

Austrian initialactiverules was in Ukraine in 1933. His picture of the famine became one of the few reliable evidence of the disaster.

Second week of fasting

Finding more reserves, the body begins to digest the cells of the vital organs such as the heart and liver. As you know, the defeat of these bodies has a significant negative impact on the body. It is important to say that, of course, everything depends on the Constitution of the body starving. If a person has a lot of body fat, a hunger strike can last a long time. At the same time, if a person has health problems, the hunger strike can only worsen.

People were crawling on all fours, pleading for help, says the photographer, Recalling the notes of a great-grandfather. His eyes one person dead four days.

3-5 week of fasting

During this period the starving health begins to noticeably deteriorate. Symptoms deteriorate sharply, there is a marked muscle atrophy and severe weakness, as well as large problems in the musculoskeletal system.

On the 3-4th week of hunger strike in humans, marked bradycardia slow heart rhythm. In humans, strong chills, it freezes constantly due to lack of energy and slow circulation. During this period, possible retching, discharge of condition only of gastric juice.

There are serious problems with his vision and mentality.Starting at 5 weeks of hunger strike marked the lack of vitamin B1 (thiamine). This vitamin has a positive effect on the nervous and cardiovascular activity. With a shortage of vitamin develops a terrible disease beriberi.

Starting from 5-th week the striker noted involuntary movement of the eyes, severe dizziness, and was starting to go blind.

He considered it a shame how the treat people, and believed that Ukrainians were specifically chosen victims. I also feel himself a Ukrainian and is very emotionally perceive it. It hurts me to talk about it.

Fasting more than 5 weeks

If you starve for more than six weeks without taking food, there is a direct threat to his life. Develop serious disorders of the brain. Most of the time a person spends unconscious, barely reacting to the people around them. At full depletion of the body develops severe jaundice and scurvy, and some people may develop blindness and deafness. Serious problems with the heart and excess of toxic substances in the body lead to death.

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Map of Holodomor video stories, notes and photos of witnesses

A unique map of the Holodomor. Facts, history and videos of eyewitnesses of the Holodomor in Ukraine 85 years ago.