10 negative emotions and feelings that affect health

Emotions affect the physical condition of man, no less than of infection or medication. Some of them are able to rouse, to awaken the desire to live and to move towards the goal, but others destroy the body and spirit, oppressed, lead to depression and neurosis. You can find 10 the most harmful and dangerous of the senses that must be overcome as soon as possible.

Anger is not in vain referred to the 7 deadly sins: it pushes people to sudden rash actions, wrong judgments, psychological and physical aggression towards others. But the angry person won’t find this feeling no relief. Moreover, suppressing irritation causes damage to health, risking a stomach ulcer, myocardial infarction or stroke.

By itself, anxiety is not a negative feeling. It is natural, often supported by objective external reasons and directed to the people we love. But sometimes anxiety crosses the line of rational, becoming a constant companion of man. Like a worm, it sharpens us from within, forcing to scroll in my head the worst scenarios. Pathological anxiety is a harbinger of neuroses and phobias. It affects the cardiovascular system, causing jumps in blood pressure, tachycardia, dizziness, feeling of difficulty breathing and other autonomic disorders.

Wine is one of the least productive of the human senses. Recognizing his mistake, we can try to fix it. If this is not possible, you should analyze the reasons that pushed us to make the wrong decision and try to never repeat the offense. Fixated on the guilt, we lose the opportunity to move on, to cultivate, to love and to experience happiness. Learn to forgive yourself and you will be surprised at how many beautiful things you can give to the world.

Resentment and guilt have a common root, the inability to forgive mistakes. But humans are imperfect, they tend to do silly things, to repent and become better and wiser. Yes, some things cannot be redeemed, but for these questions there is the state justice system. You, as a person who suffered from injustice, is left with two options: to let go of the past and move on, or to make the offender part of their existence forever, day after day, thinking of an insult, betrayal, deceit or other act deserving of your censure. The choice is obvious: don’t let bad people to live in the memory forever, and boldly look to the future.

Hate is swelling day by day destroys our psyche. History knows cases when it pushes people to the great, although horrific acts, so unproductive that feeling is not exactly call. But the hatred is comparable to the obsession (OCD), as the person puts in the center of your universe object, which devotes all his time and emotions. Do not confuse hatred from ordinary dislike: so strong feelings people often can not get rid of alone, and better if it comes to a psychologist or therapist who will help you to understand the root of the problem and overcome the destructive emotion.

Innocent envy we call white and treat it with understanding. Watching the success of others, suddenly feel a slight sting: Oh, I would so. Usually people forget about it a few moments later, and quietly continues to go about their business. But black envy corrodes the mind, like acid. On a more rich, successful, healthy and attractive person tolerated all the insults and complexes envious. Let’s be honest: other people often have no relationship to our failures. Moreover, envying, we cease to appreciate what you have. Pat yourself on the back, turn my thoughts to the loved ones whom you deprived of the priceless attention and love, directing emotions to strangers.

Complexes not an easy thing. No wonder psychologists fighting them is not the first century, trying to teach people to love and accept yourself. The cause of feelings of inferiority often become the children’s psychological trauma and mistakes of parenting. Try to realize that and not blame yourself for all the ills of mankind. Nobody’s perfect, but you are far from the worst human being on the planet. If you feel that contrived inferiority hinders development, enjoy life, make love ask for help to a therapist. Together you will be able to find the cause of complexes, and learn to positively face the world.

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Jealousy is one of the most dangerous of human emotions. It is directly connected with self-doubt, which we discussed in the previous paragraph, and only indirectly correlates with your loved ones. However, jealousy is not a sign of love. On the contrary, jealous, denies panpranot your partner. But if he is not free in their thoughts and actions, relationships turn into emotional slavery. Admit it, you need a slave, or a loved one (friend/child/parent)? Maybe you’re just afraid of being alone? Try to be honest with yourself, and be careful: jealousy can be a sign of serious neurosis, to adjust which can only be a specialist.

Greed for not only money or material things. Usually the failure to get enough of anything associated with a bad temper. But this phenomenon has deeper and more serious reasons. Usually, the avaricious man is the fear of hardship, which he acquired in early childhood, suffering from lack of attention, love or even food. Think about it, if you wish the money, time or emotions, does this not speak of a deep inner anxiety? Try to remember when was the last time you made a rash purchase. Surely in that moment you were happy and serene, and repentance came later. If so, you have to realize that material possessions will not give you confidence in the future, but will only add to the anxiety for one’s own property. It becomes a barrier to the ability to enjoy life.

Yes, light nostalgia is not going to hurt anyone. Sometimes we all love to gather with old friends and to discuss past adventures. But the past is gone, and we have to go back to reality. Life makes you irresistible longing and despair? This can be a signal of serious physiological and psychological disorders. Reduced mood is the medical term dysphoria. It is a symptom of thyroid disease, heart, stomach, blood vessels and other vital organs. Take care of yourself: if causeless melancholy is bothering you for a long time, consult a therapist.