10 supercredit for getting rid of acne in a few days

No healthy lifestyle, no proper nutrition does not guarantee the look of flawless skin. It’s just fine. If you’re still worried, try one of the tools from our selection. They really work.

Gel for local application for oily skin Blue Herbal Spot Treatment, Kiehl’s
The gel texture is lightweight and colorless, and if you don’t like the feeling of money on the face, you’ll like it. Clear smell had not, which is also a plus. The formula of salicylic acid, extracts of frankincense and cinnamon, which are responsible for exfoliation of the skin, anti-inflammatory and soothing effect.

Cream-gel for oily skin Effaclar Duo ( ), La Roche-Posay

Dermatologists often recomended this cream for girls with problem skin. It can be applied all over the face, and on the local imperfection. With the updated formula, the acne will not reappear. The gel leaves no residue and removes redness. In addition, it controls the production of sebum and mattes the skin.

Mini-patches from the rash Dots Blemish, Skyn Iceland
If the gels or creams you for some reason do not like (for example, print on the pillow), try the patches: in a package of 48 pieces — enough for a long time, they can stick and not worry that you accidentally touches the pimple. Especially salicylic acid and tea tree oil will help to quickly get rid of it.

Fast means of directed action against the imperfections Normaderm Hyaluspot, Vichy
This product should be applied locally to the inflammation of the metal applicator, because the formula is strong and can slightly dry out the skin. Moreover, formed an invisible protective film.

Gel for problem areas Ctrl-A Spot Out, Dr. Jart

Gel to cope with pimples different degrees while you sleep. Must-have tool before the important event, as it helps reduce redness and evens the skin texture as quickly as possible.

The paste for the face Pâte Grise L’originale, Payot
The best-selling brand. in the world smells like a pharmacy, but works well due to the zinc oxide in the composition, which soothes inflammation (sometimes even overnight). So as not to stain the pillowcase, we suggest on top of the pasta to stick a band-aid.

Serum for correction of acne and aging skin Blemish Age Defense, SkinCeuticals
In the formula means there are several types of acids which cleanse the skin, Polish it and eliminate the traces of pigmentation and acne. The serum’s light texture, it does not dry the skin, so you can use it daily. Do not forget about sunscreens.

Pasta Hyseac Pate SOS, Uriage
Very thick in texture paste, to cope with small imperfections over night, with those that are larger, for a few nights. The consumption of super saver, so the jar will last a long time. Don’t want to stain the pillow and applied the tool either to sleep, or think about the patch.

Gel-corrector SOS Spot Eraser, Yves Rocher

Helps in the case when the inflammation just appeared and there is only redness. Cream relieves redness and does not allow the pimple to become more.

Face cream “anti-spots”, “Clean Line”
Cream with tea tree oil in the formula does not allow the imperfections to appear on the face, but if they do arise (for example, because of the bad Burger, eaten Saturday night), it will help you to quickly say goodbye to them. Put it all over the face before makeup. And don’t worry — the tone will go smoothly.