5 simple ways to boost immunity

There are many ways to boost winter immunity, but some of them are simple in execution and effective? Doctors provided advice that they follow themselves.

A simple way to boost immunity No. 1: add all dishes garlic.The benefits of garlic associated with the content of the vital chemical compound allicin. But it is important to remember that the allicin is released when cutting the teeth. This component helps to fight colds, cough and lowers blood pressure.

A simple way to boost immunity # 2: use probiotics. Probiotics maintain a high level of beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract, and it is precisely in the intestines where most of the immune system. To the body is getting the probiotics to be included in the diet of dairy and fermented (pickled) products.

A simple way to boost immunity, No. 3: drinking tea with ginger. Ginger is an effective stimulator of the protective properties of the organism. It includes vitamins a, C and b, minerals (iron, magnesium, zinc, calcium) and vegetable acids: this complex helps the immune cells to destroy abnormal cells, viruses and bacteria.

A simple way to boost immunity # 4: take vitamin D. This important vitamin that the body manufactures it under the influence of sunlight. Accordingly, in the winter its synthesis decreases. For its replenishment should be consumed beef liver, cheese, egg yolks, and foods artificially fortified with vitamin D (e.g., milk, orange juice and yogurt).

A simple way to boost immunity # 5: sports. Research shows that physical activity helps reduce the risks of acute respiratory infections by more than 20%. However, sports should not be strenuous, otherwise the stress the body is experiencing winter, is likely to increase.

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