6 causes of morning sickness besides pregnancy

From alarm state to a normal heartburn. Experts have called 6 reasons because of which women feel not very good in the morning.

If in the morning you literally turned inside out, the first thought that comes to mind is usually associated with pregnancy. However, morning sickness does not always mean a soon addition to the family. For example, it may be acid reflux, where stomach acid gets into the throat. The symptoms of this disorder occur after eating certain foods and drinks such as coffee, spices and alcohol. Therefore, you need to pay attention to diet and to reduce the content of certain components.

The reason for morning sickness may be irregular sleep, that is, a situation in which you go to bed and Wake up at different times of the day. Scientists from the University of North Carolina have found that sleep disturbances increase the risk of digestive disorders, including ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome and even cancer. Be sure to stick with the regime.

Morning sickness may be due to low blood sugar. This happens in diabetics and some other people for a long time didn’t eat. For example, those who are sitting on some extreme diet. In order to remedy the situation, eat sweet foods, which will quickly lead sugar in order.

Anxiety disorders can cause uncomfortable symptoms in the morning, as between the brain and the body there is a strong link. One of these disorders is panic or anxiety. It is associated with shortness of breath, dizziness, palpitations and sweating.

Often the cause of such ailments can be problems with the sinuses or elementary sinusitis. If you have previously encountered infections of the sinuses or are vulnerable to colds, these symptoms are very familiar to you. Try to sleep slightly raised above the level of bed head.

Another obvious cause of morning sickness, which everybody forgets, is the hangover. To explain where it comes from, there is no need, as well as to talk about how to overcome him. Each of us has their own recipes for this. (READ MORE)