8 of the dirtiest things in the airport and the plane

A chance encounter with something that had not experienced increases, when you get to the airport, because people to transfer pathogens from around the world. To protect yourself, wash your hands after contact with the following 8 things at the airport (and the plane).

Any pen

If you pushed the revolving door at the entrance to the airport and grabbed the door handle, wash your hands as soon as possible. Although this rule can be applied to doorknobs in all public places, for aeroportuale the most important.

Of course, if you are in a hurry for a flight, it is not always convenient (or even possible) to run to the toilet each time after touching the door handle. But you can carry a small bottle of disinfectant alcohol-based. According to the Centers for control and prevention (CDC), hand sanitizer the hand sanitizer kills as many germs as the hand washing, but it’s still better than nothing. For maximum effectiveness the CDC recommends disinfecting, sredstvo alcohol content not less than 60%.

The handrails of the escalator

The handrails of the escalator is one of the dirtiest places at airports, as the day to them pricesaltace people. Of course, avoid contact with them difficult, especially when you have a heavy suitcase, but after you descend from the escalator, be sure to wash or sanitize your hands.

The containers in the inspection zone

If we were to make a film about zombies, the infection would have started from these containers. Their touches everyone who enters the airport, including standing next to you a guy who literally spits out their lungs as well as the child with a runny nose. If you don’t want all these germs passed on to you, wash your hands as soon as you pass control.

The armrests in the waiting areas

Another major breeding ground for germs. If you have time, be sure to go to the toilet and wash your hands before boarding the plane. And antibacterial wipes that you can wipe down the armrests before you touch them.

Any surface in the bathroom on the plane or airport

No matter how well and often cleaned the toilets in the airport and airplane, the flow of people visiting them, never ends. If you are too lazy to spend 20 seconds washing your hands, think about your toilet train.

Toilet train is what happens when you push the button the drain, and spray with the contents of the toilet sprayed through the air, getting newastle.

After washing your hands you still have to touch the faucet or door handle to exit the toilet. Try using a piece of paper towel to protect yourself from germs, or use hand sanitizer the hand sanitizer as soon as.

Folding tables in the airplane

You can not avoid contact with him if you plan to eat, drink or work during the flight. But before that, you can clean the surface with a disinfectant wipe. When you’re finished to use the table, wash your hands. And, of course, do not put your food directly on it.

Touch screens

Touch screens keep bacteria and viruses all of those who spent them with your fingers. Use the wipes or wash hands after playing or watching a movie on the plane. Better yet, do this several times during the movie. As a bonus, frequent upgrades will help to prevent blood clots, the likelihood of which increases during long journeys.