Aldi Is Slinging Plants You Can Try Not To Kill At Home From Next Week

Somewhere in the late 2010s, millennials seemed to be done with industrial lighting and brick facades that had previously dominated the aesthetic of their decrepit homes, and looked to something else: plants. Ranging from terrariums that hung like abandoned speech bubbles to plants with leaves that seemed to stretch like a green cushion on the floor, the plant boom was quick and instant and suddenly instagram feeds were no longer an exercise in fitspiration but rather a flex at your plant prowess and ability to keep something green alive. 

With this turn of events, we started reaching further into our pockets in the realm of plants. And make no mistake, these green lifeforms that occupy real estate in our apartments and homes aren’t cheap. Thankfully, Aldi knows the plight of the common man and woman and is now offering up a Special Buys that will pique the curiosity of every plant fiend: a GARDENING SPECIAL. 

That’s right, as if you didn’t have enough plants already in your casa (which one can only describe as being a plant away from looking like a scene out of Jumanji), you can now buy more at a sizeable discount, too. The Gardening Special Buys will kick off from Wednesday, 17 March at Aldi, offering a range of indoor and outdoor plants and packet seeds priced between $1.29 and $19.99.

And as if that news wasn’t enough to have you reaching into your pockets already, the best part is there’s something for everyone. Even if the idea of owning a plant has you cowering in your boots, thinking of Kate Hudson’s outcry in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (“You KILLED our love fern?!), fear not – you can always start off with a discounted succulent or ten. 

Items in-store will vary between states, but you’ll likely find these glorious plant beauties in all Aussie shops:

Tread carefully though. The path of plant-ownership is a tricky one that demands time, energy and investment. It looks great and we’re all for it, but soon enough one plant turns to ten and you’re suddenly watching re-runs of Burke’s Backyard for more information. Look out. 

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