Apple watch gave the man the diagnosis of dangerous arrhythmias immediately after switching on

Ed Dentel, 46-year-old communications consultant from Virginia, updated the software of its Apple Watch and immediately got the diagnosis of a dangerous heart rhythm disturbances.

The app immediately started to beep saying that I have atrial fibrillation. I’ve never heard of this condition, as I have had pretty good health. I decided that it was a failure of the program, turned off everything and went to sleep, – he told Agency ABC.

But the next day, when wearing the watch, he was faced with the same signal. As the wife of ed watch found no violations of rhythm, he decided to go to the nearest emergency Department. Electrocardiography conducted at the hospital confirmed the diagnosis for hours.

Although atrial fibrillation is not an emergency condition, the physicians, according to ABC, told ed that perhaps the watch saved his life.

Atrial fibrillation or atrial fibrillation an arrhythmia in which atrial contractions irregular, their effectiveness is reduced. This rhythm increases the risk of stroke and heart failure. More on atrial fibrillation can be found on our Encyclopedia.

Dr. Michael N. Cho (Michael N. Cho), a cardiologist from new York, in comments to ABC said that over time it becomes more clear how useful such tools to public health.

Potentially they can be useful for such small cases. Prevalence is higher among the elderly. If you wear the Apple Watch on the 80-year-old, chances are good that you will detect atrial fibrillation. Most 20-, 30-, and 40-year-old, you often will not find.

Cho said he has not studied the characteristics of the new hours details, but fitness minitary not always give reliable information.

I have patients who come in and say I have a pulse of 100. But when you give them the more accurate the monitor, the data often differ. As for Apple Watch, view, says Cho.

Ukrainian Andrei