Artificial light causes insomnia

Data analysis gathered in South Korea for the period from 2002 to 2013, showed that the so-called light pollution, which refers to the artificial lights of cities, causes insomnia. These scientific works are published in Science Alert.

Scientists analyzed data from 52?027 people aged 60 years and older. 60% of them were women. Experts have compared how often subjects used the prescriptions for sleeping pills, with the satellite maps of electric lighting.

As a result, the researchers found a link between the intensity of artificial illumination and insomnia in humans. It turned out that not only often, but in higher doses drugs for insomnia was used by the people living in the areas with the most intense artificial light.

A study by South Korean scientists are not the first that demonstrate the negative impact of artificial light on sleep quality. Scientists from the Institute of biological research Salk (USA)spoke before about the fact that the light from smartphones and other electronic devices provoke a breach of circadian rhythms associated with sleep and the fortress of sleep.

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