Attempts to quit Smoking only reinforce the habit

Craving for tobacco is one of the strongest habits, the scientists found: the more frequent attempts to quit Smoking, the higher the risk that people fall through and Nov will return to his passion. “Multiple attempts to quit Smoking the smoker emotionally draining and leads to a relapse dangerous habits,” the scientists said in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology.

Researchers at the Medical University of South Carolina stated that the failure of cigarette there is a psychological depletion that directly affect people trying to quit Smoking. Such psycho-emotional depression takes place practically each time you attempt to quit the habit. As the scientists told, most of all such fatigue manifests itself in the first six weeks after quitting tobacco – it is observed as a first attempt to quit Smoking, and those who have tried to quit before.

“The more people attempt to quit Smoking, the less his chances of success. A great number of attempts tired of the smoker and leads to the most rapid and frequent breakdowns”, was the opinion of experts.
Scientists are trying to find ways that would solve the problem of fatigue from trying to quit Smoking. For example, is now testing an app for smartphones that identifies the GPS the place in which “Wake up” a bad habit. The smartphone in this case will remind the owner about the need to take means to prevent the desire to smoke.

The vast majority of smokers want to quit Smoking, but only less than 5% of them get to end this habit without help. Prior to this, the work of the staff of the hospital The Miriam Hospital in Rhode island showed that effective in helping to quit Smoking can become exercise with weight. Ex-smokers very useful to pick up a dumbbell.

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