Bacterial pneumonia leads to severe heart disease

At the Congress of the American heart Association in Chicago scientists have made the statement that bacterial pneumonia is the most dangerous type of pneumonia that often leads to serious diseases of the heart and blood vessels. The study that showed this was conducted by specialists Intermountain medical center in salt lake city.

Scientists came to the conclusion that to serious heart disease, bacterial pneumonia results in every third sick of it man.

“One in three people who have had this type of pneumonia, after three months, faces with coronary heart disease, heart attack, cardiac arrest or other dangerous malfunctions in work of the myocardium,” stated the researchers.
The viral form of pneumonia, according to, may also cause heart disease, but such cases are much rarer.

Scientists believe that bacterial pneumonia contributes to severe abnormalities in the heart due to the fact that germs can cause large-scale inflammation in the blood vessels. But this theory specialists still needs to be confirmed.

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