Binge drinking: What are the consequences of binge drinking for young people can have

The number of coma drunkard rises in Brandenburg. 34 children under the age of 15 have come in the past year with alcohol poisoning to the hospital. This shows the statistics of Berlin-Brandenburg. It with alcohol among children and Youth is particularly dangerous.

Actually, you should buy neither beer, nor booze – and yet they drink themselves into unconsciousness: 34 children and young people under the age of 15 had been delivered in the past year with alcohol poisoning in Berlin hospitals. Including 21 girls.

The statistics from the office for statistics Berlin-Brandenburg, which is present the German press Agency. Overall, the number of recorded noise drinker was under 25 years of age at 422, of which 236 were between 10 and 19 years old.

The consequences of alcohol intoxication in young people enormously

Each of the alcohol poisoning of a child or young person is one too many, said Volker Röttsches of the health insurance company DAK-Gesundheit in Berlin. Because alcohol poisoning can attack the organs life-threatening. The risk of getting knocked out under cooling or choking on vomit.

And for that, it needs a lot of: Due to the lower body weight of boys and girls are drunk much faster than adults. Also, her body produces the alcohol slowly.

In addition, the Learn set brain get used faster to alcohol: Addiction can develop at a young age already, within months.

Problem: alcohol sales to minors

In order to protect children and adolescents from the effects of coma saufens, but are not only asked parents. Also, laws are intended to protect the adolescent.

The police public become the case in the summer of 2017 showed that failure to allow the sale of alcohol also binge drinking: After a 13-Year-old when it comes to vodka-Drink, close to the Alexanderplatz unconscious had become, gave her two peers, Friends, you would have bought the bottle in a late purchase by stating your true age. The two girls were able to hold on to, according to the police themselves, little more on the legs, not more addressable girlfriend came to an intensive care unit. Against the late purchase should be determined.

Statistics: More girls under the coma drinkers

But there are also good news: Overall, the development in young people coma was drinkers in the capital, but for several years the decline in the age group of 10 – to 19-Year-old, he amounts in comparison to 2016, and around nine percent said Röttsches. In Brandenburg, they increased slightly, by two percent.

During the Berlin girls in the age group under 15 are still in the majority, reversed the gender ratio among the that is delivered with the age. 15 years and of boys outweighs drinkers share in the Noise, with the beginning of the 20th, the number of affected men is almost twice as high as in the case of the peers.

Not yet in the statistics of any cases of children and young people, the beat in other States across the strands, for example on school trips were included. In the past year nationwide 300 children and young people from Berlin had been due to alcohol abuse in clinics registered.

The DAK-health is planning for 2019 for the tenth Time, the campaign is Colorful instead of blue in schools. The patron of health, Senator Dilek Kolat (SPD).