British scientists have voiced ways to extend your life by ten years

British scientists have identified the most effective ways to extend life by 5-10 years. About this newspaper the Daily Mail.

Research, held in August at Harvard University, has identified some key habits of the person, which can increase life expectancy by a decade. Among them, balanced nutrition, healthy sleep and even consuming alcohol in moderation.

In the study, an experiment was conducted, which was attended by 660 of volunteers older than 50 years. According to the University, from the most positive participants were more likely to live longer than the others.

Longevity differences between those who have children. According to scientists, they live two to three years longer than childless people.

Researchers at Harvard University were advised to walk more, to avoid early retirement, not to go to hospitals for nothing and lead an active sex life.

On 11 November it was reported that psychologists from the University of Pennsylvania in the United States said that for a long time in social networks can enhance feelings of loneliness and lead to depression.