Carbon monoxide poisoning: German under-estimate the risk

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a Gas that can lead to fatal poisoning. In addition, the majority of people are aware of it. Many believe, however mistakenly, one could detect the Gas by smell, smoke, or the Alarm of a smoke detector. On the other hand a water pipe or a wood pellet-heating use, knew too little about the risks of the devices. The Federal Institute for risk assessment (BfR) reported after a survey.

The majority of respondents the issue of poisoning cases was in connection with carbon monoxide, at least, known. Less than half responded that the risk of accidental poisoning with carbon monoxide, however, as a high or very high. 44 percent believed, also, that you can detect carbon monoxide at the smell. 41 percent were convinced that the smoke detector would give an alarm signal, and 34 percent thought that leaking CO would make of grey-black smoke. In fact, you can see the Gas but not smell it, and only a carbon monoxide detector can warn you of the deadly danger.

Schutzmaßparticipated as CO-detectors, little is known

Little presence in the German preventive goods in addition, and protective measures such as the Installation of such a carbon monoxide detector, the regular Inspection of heating, Stoves and fireplaces by chimney sweep or a continuous ventilation of the storage rooms for wood pellets.

Carbon monoxide can emanate from stored wood pellets, hookahs, and Gas-operated equipment. It can also spread when in indoor areas with charcoal barbecues and patio heaters to be placed. Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning are Nausea, dizziness or headache. Later, weakness, heart palpitations and loss of consciousness are added. Poisoning can lead in the worst case, suffocation.

For the study, the BfR had more than 1,000 citizens in Germany on the phone to awareness, perception, Knowledge, and prevention behavior in connection with poisoning risks and, in particular, CO, interview. The goal is to be driven for a still better education about Poison.