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From the impact of genetics on the COVID-19-history?

A new COVID-19-investigation shows that the blood group of an infected Person seems to influence the course of the disease. People with blood group O according to the study, a lower risk for a severe course than people with blood group A positive.

Researchers from Oslo and Kiel, have found evidence that the Severity of the COVID-19-disease process depends on, apparently, also with the blood group. Therefore, people with blood group A have a positive effect at a higher risk for a severe course than other blood groups. Of the blood group 0, a protection function even seems to be assumed. The study is available as a pre-release version on the medical Preprint-Server “medRxiv” can be viewed.

Why ill some people harder than others?


Respiratory arrest is a main feature of critical COVID-19-stand gradients, and a decisive factor in whether to be Concerned, living in danger. Less than 10 percent of all SARS-CoV-2-infected individuals develop a severe course. Currently, still in Detail, it is unclear which factors contribute to some people suffer more than others. A German-Norwegian research team under the this difference is investigated in more detail. In this case, the Team paid special attention to the genetics.

Large group analysed with severe disease

The research group of the current study is comprised of leading human genetics researchers from Oslo and Kiel. The Team examined the data of around 4,000 COVID-19-Concerned with severe forms of the disease. The data were collected during large outbreaks in Italy and Spain.

What is the influence of genetics on COVID-19?


The human geneticist wanted to find out whether certain genes to occur in patients who are severely Ill more often than the average of the population. In the process, they discovered an area of the genome that encodes the blood group. In a subsequent blood group-specific analysis of the Fund was confirmed. The results show a higher risk for severe COVID-19-gradients in Infected with the blood group A, as well as a lower risk for blood group 0.

How strong the effect is?

Simply put, we can say the study found that people with blood group A have a to about 45 percent (Odds Ratio=1.45 in) are at increased risk for a severe course of the disease than the average (Odds Ratio=1). People with blood group 0 seem to have a 35 percent lower risk for a severe course than the average (Odds Ratio=0,65).

Blood group only one factor of many


The virologist and Coronavirus specialist Professor Dr. Christian Drosten considers the study to be relevant, even if it is, as yet, appeared only as a pre-release version. In the NDR Podcast “Coronavirus-Update” the expert emphasizes, however, that there are also many other factors that influence the course of the disease, including, for example, the age, existing diseases, and the infection dose that you took at the beginning of the disease. In addition, many factors are still unknown, the impact on the course of the disease.

Limitation of the studies

As mentioned above, the study was published so far only as a pre-release version and is not yet published in a renowned journal. The study must be reviewed by international experts. (vb)

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