Cyclical relationships are destroying the psyche

A cyclical relationship, when the partners periodically break up and re-converge – destructive to the psyche, told American psychologists. Scientists are convinced that to maintain the health better to have no relationship than to have such.

With the prospect of breaking up, according to experts, at least once faced every adult with experience. Sometimes after a breakup, the couple reunited once again, and quite often this separation and reunification become a cyclical habit.

Scientists have discovered how the cyclical relationship affect the psyche of people. A study was conducted with the participation of 545 people. The researchers found that 60% of adult men and women ever in your life happened a cyclical relationship.

According to experts, this kind of relationship destroys the psyche. So, in pairs, participated in the study and have experienced repeated convergences and divergences was significantly pronounced tendency to depression and excessive anxiety. Researchers believe that you need to be able to admit to ourselves in the presence of a cyclical relationship and to attempt to break the cycle.

“If a couple once or twice parted, it’s not always a bad thing. During the separation it is possible to objectively assess the relationship and to reconsider their misconceptions. But if the cyclicality is observed regularly, the relationship eventually only deteriorate, and the mind gets the harm and machinetranslated” – shared the opinion of psychologists.
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