Darwin award: the most ridiculous death in the history

Officially, the Darwin award is awarded for “an exception of defective genes from the gene pool of humanity”. And so it was named after the father of evolution: this award is given to those who demonstrated natural selection in action. Well, let’s look at its proud owners.

  1. 22-year-old American Eric Barcia childhood dream to do something heroic. And so he came up with a “great” idea: to jump off a railroad trestle with a rope swing. He found the elastic cord and changed twice its length: it had to be less than the height of the trestle.
    After that, Eric bravely turned upside down and a few seconds later crashed to earth. The police found out that he had calculated the distance from earth to the eye. The error was five meters.
  2. The winner of the 2009-year was killed at the soda machine. The man so desperately wanted to get a can of coke for free, I started to shake, to shake and tilt the machine. In the end, refreshment Cabinet fell and crushed the fan freebies.
  3. In 1982, Larry Walters of Los Angeles decided to fulfill his dream: to fly but not on the plane.

Walters was tied to a chair 45 weather balloons filled with helium. He took the sandwiches, beer and a shotgun, and sat down in the chair. At the signal, his friends untied the rope… and a Chair as from the cannon flew up to 5 kilometers. Although expected Larry just 30 meters.

Stiff Walters did not dare to shoot the balls at that height. Aeronaut has long been worn in the clouds, until it spotted the radar of the Los Angeles airport. Larry still decided to shoot a few balls and began to descend to the ground. But here’s the problem: the rope on which hung deflated balloons became entangled in high voltage wires. There is a short circuit, and the whole area of long beach remained without electricity.

When Walters went down, he was immediately arrested and asked, “Why did you do it?”. What Larry answered: “Well, you can not sit idle”.

This case is an exception: the Walters awarded the Darwin award, despite the fact that he survived and had offspring. His story even filmed in the Comedy “peculiarities of national hunting in winter period”.

But if all these people read our article “Food “for the mind”: how to become smarter and more attentive”, perhaps they would not be in this list.