Dementia: The type of cheese that could increase your risk – ‘Top food linked to dementia’

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When it comes to your diet, you might suspect that processed foods like crisps and cookies are no good news. However, there might be some other processed groceries that might not obviously jump to your mind like cheese. Between different flavours and textures, the cheese market offers various tasty options. However, some of them could be triggering inflammation in your brain, according to Monika Wassermann, Medical Director at BoutiqueToYou.

Wassermann said: “Processed cheese is among the top foods linked to dementia.

“It contains a lot of saturated fat, which accumulates in the brain resulting in inflammation.

“Consequently, an individual possibly risks impaired memory, dementia, and stroke.” also warns against processed cheeses as they might lead to a build-up of proteins linked to Alzheimer’s disease in your body.

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To name a few, the portal lists the likes of American cheese and mozzarella sticks.

What’s more, a new study, published in the journal Neurology, highlights the link between ultra-processed foods and dementia.

The research warns that those who eat the highest amounts of processed groceries have a higher risk of the mind-robbing condition.

Looking at 72,083 people from the UK Biobank, the researchers followed participants for around 10 years.

By the end of the study, 518 people were diagnosed with dementia, helping to highlight the negative effects of ultra-processed diets.

Study author Huiping Li said: “Ultra-processed foods are meant to be convenient and tasty, but they diminish the quality of a person’s diet.

“These foods may also contain food additives or molecules from packaging or produced during heating, all of which have been shown in other studies to have negative effects on thinking and memory skills.”

Fortunately, the study also found that swapping processed foods for their healthy counterparts was able to slash dementia risk.

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Just like the study suggests, Wassermann also warned that cheese isn’t the only culprit as other processed foods could also pose harm.

She said: “The same applies to other processed foods that supply more calories and almost zero nutrients.

“They mainly cause inflammation, even in the neurons, and impair the blood-brain barrier leading to memory loss.

“Eating such foods also denies the body a chance to get essential nutrients and compounds with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory features to slow down ageing.”

Fortunately, there are still plenty of other foods available to you once you cross out processed items off your weekly menu.

Wassermann recommended opting for healthy plant-based products like avocados.

The medical director added: “It helps reduce the chance of getting a stroke or hypertension.

“You also acquire folate that reduces brain degeneration, thus preventing dementia and cognitive decline.”

Diet seems to be one of the key risk factors in the development of dementia.

While there’s no certain way to prevent the mind-robbing condition, the NHS explains that following a healthy diet could reduce your risk.

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