Diet: Why some people can lose weight no weight

Why are some people easier?

Overweight and obesity among the people. So many serious illnesses and reduced life expectancy are associated. Some people seem to have simply no problems with your weight. There are genetic variants in humans, which protect against obesity and its consequences? This is the question now to clarify, Researchers from the University of Cambridge in a study.

In a recent study by the internationally recognised University of Cambridge has now been found that some people carry genetic variants that protect them in fact, before the emergence of obesity, type 2 Diabetes and heart disease. The results of the study were published in the English scientific journal “Cell”.

To develop some people fat just, by nature, an increased risk of obesity? (Image: Jeanette Dietl/

What is the influence of our genetics on our weight?

In the UK alone there are probably about four million people with those genetic variants, report the researchers. The discovery of these genetic variants could in future contribute to the development of new drugs that help people lose weight. Through the study, it is clear that our genetics plays an important role when it comes to obesity. Some people just get lucky with your genetics, because your genes protect against the development of obesity.

What is MC4R?

In circles of experts has already been known for several years that genes can influence the weight of a Person. One of these genes, which is known that it plays a key role in weight regulation, is called MC4R. The so-called Melanocortin-4-Receptor (MC4R) receptors to the group of Melanocortin. This Receptor acts as a switch in the brain, which can suppress appetite. If human genetic variants are present, which interfere with this Receptor, to take Affected easy weight. In their study, the researchers noted that other genetic variants in the MC4R Gene, which increase the activity of this brain receptor can protect people is actually Obesity. This finding will hopefully lead to the development of new drugs, the copy, the protective effect of these genetic variants and to contribute to a weight loss or maintaining a healthy weight.

Data of half a Million people were evaluated

A Team of professors Sadaf Farooqi and Nick Wareham and Dr Claudia Langenberg from the Wellcome Trust-MRC Institute of metabolic science in Cambridge, under the MC4R Gene in the case of a half Million volunteers from the UK population who have participated in the so-called UK Biobank study. Here, they discovered 61 different naturally occurring genetic variants. While some of these genetic variants led people to become obese, offered other variants of protection against obesity and some of its dangerous consequences, such as type 2 Diabetes and heart disease.

Obesity is off, the function of the gene?

The Team of Professor Farooqi tried to find out why and how certain genetic variants have an impact on our risk for Overweight and obesity. MC4R acts in the brain as a kind of switch, which should bring us to a meal to eat. They found that the MC4R gene variants associated with a higher risk for obesity in conjunction, stopped the function of the gene. If the variants offered, however, protection from obesity, they will have the Gene turned on. About six percent of the Participants carried genetic variants, with the result that the Receptor remained activated. People with these variants do not seem to eat less, which could explain their lower weight. People with two copies of this particular variant (1 out of 1,000 persons) were, on average, 2.5 kg more easily than people without these variants, and also had a 50 percent lower risk for type 2 Diabetes and heart disease.

Genetics may protect against obesity

“This study makes it clear that genetics plays an important role in why some people are obese – and that some people have lucky genes, you against obesity schützen“, Professor Farooqi, from the Metabolic Research Laboratories at the University of Cambridge in a press release says. The latest discovery adds to the recent Work of the team, which already showed that some lean people have a genetic advantage when it comes to maintain your weight. The results do not mean, however, that we have no influence on our weight, if we pay attention to our calorie intake and a healthy diet. Some people simply have to develop not only a greater likelihood of problems with weight, explain the authors of the study.

Genetic variants to the development of drugs?

As the researchers of the genetic variants in the laboratory experiments studied in detail and found that MC4R signals through a signal path (Beta-Arrestin-path) to send that has not been previously associated with weight regulation. Genetic variants, which sent out signals, preferably via this route, were the ones that drove the Association with protection against obesity and its complications, and in addition, even with a lower blood pressure. “An emerging concept, the more effective and safer sind&#8220 is that genetic variants that protect against disease, can be used as models for the development of medicinal products, ;, study author Dr. Luca Lotta reports. “Our results could pave the way for a new Generation of weight loss therapies, the MC4R preferably via the Beta-Arrestin-way activate,” adds the expert. Genetic studies of Thousands of people and a functional understanding of the mechanisms behind genetic protective variants can really help in the development of a new Generation of drugs for common diseases such as obesity and Diabetes, the millions of people worldwide. (as)