Dissimulee personality disorder

These people are aggressive, impulsive, they ignore the norms of behavior in society and indifferent to the feelings of others.

We all had to meet people, whose behaviour can be described as antisocial. Moreover, the behavior here understand not one episode, and systemic attitude to life and consistently inappropriate behavior in society. Such people can easily go the whole hog because they do not imagine their life without risk and danger, stability and permanent job for them lethal, and credo these sociopaths formulated the famous phrase: he drank, stole, prison.

This is a generalized description of people who are psychiatrists and psychologists render a diagnosis dissimulee personality disorder, and the cause of such behavior, according to experts, is the underdevelopment of higher moral sentiments.


Test nudesonline personality disorder

To determine whether persons with deviations in the behavior of such a person, will help test. Dissimulee the diagnosis of personality disorder may be diagnosed if the person’s behavior meets at least three of the criteria listed below.

  1. Increased aggressiveness, which can manifest itself in frequent physical confrontations (fights).
  2. The systematic violation of social norms of behavior, lack of respect for laws, police, arrests.
  3. The propensity for inappropriate and unnecessary risk, and without regard for the safety for themselves and others.
  4. The lack of affection, self-centeredness. Indifference to the feelings of others. Can not, can not and do not want to maintain healthy relationships with other people are not able to make friends and to love.
  5. The systematic unwillingness or inability to stay long on one job, the irresponsible attitude to work, prolonged lack of work.
  6. Often such individuals live in debt and unable to meet financial obligations.
  7. Don’t feel shame or regret hurting other people, sometimes even feel pleasure from it.
  8. Often prone to alcoholism, drug addiction, theft, hypocrisy. Usually fall into the so-called bad company, and even criminal groups.
  9. Impulsive, unable to plan their lives. So to speak live one day according to the principle of after us the deluge.
  10. They do not know what guilt, and punishment has no effect on their behavior. They are in constant conflict with society.


Yes, it is believed that the basis of this behavior is underdevelopment of higher moral sentiments, however, experts to date have put forward different points of view on this type of disorder. Some believe that dissimulee personality disorder is a hereditary condition (by the way, really often this kind of behavior is observed in several generations in the same family, i.e., is transmitted, so to speak, by inheritance). Next to the opinion that sociopathy is the result of a genetic defect. Another group of experts agree in opinion that dissimulee personality disorder is a consequence of problems of education and a certain social environment in which the person was brought up a certain time. The truth is as always somewhere in the middle.

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In some cases, provocative factor in the development of this disorder is the presence of some mental disorders for example schizophrenia, mental retardation, psychosis. In some cases dissimulee personality disorder can occur after traumatic brain injury.

That is not a matter of debate, is the fact that the DRL in men is much more common than females (3:1), probably because of the fact that men are inherently more aggressive. The first manifestation of inadequate behavior in society usually appear in adolescence, but can and earlier, sometimes, if the conditions of life of the child that are favorable to (family situation), it is already three to four years. The prevalence of the phenomenon is about 3%.

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This kind of behavior is very difficult correctable, in many cases it is almost impossible, as a thinking person with the disorder and their understanding of standards of behaviour in society is totally different from those in a normal society. On this basis, to explain to this man what is good and what is bad, is impossible he has his own understanding on this, and he lives generally adhering to its internal code or set of rules adopted in various sectors (eg crime). As accepted in society, the system of penalties (including criminal liability for their actions), even after the prosecution, such people are rarely capable of true repentance, and typically do not learn from negative experiences.

However, in some cases correction dissociating behavior is still possible. As a rule, a favorable outcome is possible under the following conditions:

  • the problem is detected at an early age;
  • the immediate environment of the child quite adequately;
  • parents and teachers show genuine interest in social adaptation of the child, which revealed violations of this type;
  • the child found a common language with a child or adolescent psychologist.