Dr. Carsten Lekutat: An Apple makes a healthy, three Apples make a fatty liver

How nutrients work in the body and us healthy or make you sick

“Countless Complaints of the patient are directly or indirectly related to the food or individual dietary components. We Doctors will have to learn in the future diet-related factors to include much more in diagnoses,“ says Dr. med. Carsten Lekutat, General practitioner and host of the TV show “main thing Healthy”.

While a lot of food in large quantities to be useful or at least harmless, bring others, even in small quantities, our metabolism is out of balance. Some make almost everyone sick, other other damage missing not only in a high dose, only a few, some, only, if you. But to what foods and ingredients is it? And what active ingredients can cause in the body?

Brazil nuts, or grapefruit can be a health seriously dangerous

Did you know for example that Brazil nuts or grapefruit health can be seriously dangerous? Or that they are manifestations of also can than meat-eaters, severe Vitamin B12 deficiency as a Vegan are expressed, for example, take acid blockers for heartburn? Or that can be treated with a simple cherry juice for muscle soreness, with cucumber water for muscle cramps, with Sauerkraut a bad intestinal environment and with Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins depression?

The food is also highly effective cure

Foods are not always the only cause, but often enough also remedies of diseases, some of them even highly effective. Only in the theoretical ideal case, we take in with our food exactly what the body needs. Perfect diet remains a utopia, but at least well-known diet, you can avoid errors and causes of narrow. “Here’s the empowered Patient is asked to go to the things themselves on the reason, says Dr. Carsten Lekutat and describes in this book, relevant contexts of modern nutritional medicine. He gives the reader valuable help with the research in his eating habits after causes that might lead to complaints.

So you’re not sick, but eat maybe just something you cannot tolerate? Or a food component is missing perhaps? How can you make food thing, the other is well tolerated, but they upset the balance? And what is actually happening in our metabolism, if something is missing or bothering? A book in which the author of the exciting, entertaining and competently prepared in an emotionally-charged topic of discussion and makes it clear that not the Patient is hypersensitive or a hypochondriac, but rather the diagnostics in this area is in need of reform.

With “An Apple makes a healthy, three Apples make a fatty liver.“ by Dr. med lights. Carsten Lekutat the human organism and individual-Friendly. Based on the latest findings of nutritional medicine, illustrated by the renowned General practitioner – known as the presenter of the TV programme “the main thing is Gesund“ – how food and different nutrients act on the body, what processes are good or unhealthy food, or slows down to be excited, and as classical civilisation diseases and discomfort by making the right nutritional tricks effect can be alleviated. „An Apple makes a healthy, three Apples make a Fettleber“, Dr. med. Carsten Lekutat, Starting in may 2019 in the trade.