Father accumulates the TV donations for the allegedly terminally ill daughter – and squandered 422.000 Euro

Fernando Blanco took advantage of the helpfulness of his fellow men, in order to Finance themselves a life of luxury. Because he made all over the country, that his little daughter was deathly ill. He has even appeared in TV shows, in order to collect donations. But his Scam was blown. Because of his daughter’s nothing missing!

With the history of his sick daughter Blanco moved the whole of Spain. The 53-Year-old reported that he had to fear for the life of his little Nadia Nerea, who would need a life-saving but very expensive Operation. Because according to his story, she suffered from Trichothiodystrophie, a deadly genetic disorder and had to be treated in a special hospital in Houston, Texas, as star reported.

The supposedly-desperate father visited a number of talk shows of his country, to make the Suffering of his daughter’s attention and ask for people’s money for the treatment. And the audience fell on its mesh.

He claimed to have all the specialists in the world visited

The father reported that many Doctors had said that his daughter would die of a genetic defect and he had already visited all of the specialists around the world.

As a Journalist, receiving the end of 2016, but with the case, it turned out that the said hospital in Houston and the travel to all the specialists had never taken place. For the very simple reason that Nadia had absolutely no health problems.

He needs to go to jail

Blanco was arrested as he tried to escape a police control near the French border. The case was investigated and the investigation revealed that the father of the 422.000 euros in donations he had received, had only spent 20,000 euros for his daughter.

The Rest, he had squandered on luxury cars, expensive watches, fancy Hotels, and houses for rent. He had cheated so, with the pretext of a sick daughter, living a life of luxury. For this he was sentenced last Wednesday to five years in prison. The mother of the girl has to because of serious fraud for three and a half years in prison.