Food expert suggests, which of the six foods he would never eat – Video

Bill Marler is an advocate for food safety. With food poisoning, he knows best. What he has learned from countless processes, he reveals on his website, “Food Poison Journal”. Six foods that he would eat never.

1. Raw milk: Raw milk may be bacteria, viruses, and parasites. From 1998 to 2011, the United States had 148 cases of food poisoning due to raw milk or raw milk products, according to Marler. It was amazing, because a few Americans to soak all raw milk.

2. Raw sprouts: Raw or only lightly cooked sprouts were the mid-90s to more than 30 outbreaks of Salmonella and E. coli pathogens in the United States. 2014 19 people came to the hospital because of a Salmonella poisoning, which could lead to back to Doctors clearly on bean sprouts. All kinds of sprouts can transfer infections, warns Marler, if your seeds are contaminated with bacteria.

3. Pre-washed and portioned raw food: fruits and salads already pre-cut, washed and Packed, seems to be the for the buyer, first of all, practical. But the more time a product spends in the factory, the higher the risk that it is contaminated, says Marler. To protect against Listeria, which can multiply in the fridge, he eats his fruits and vegetables within three to four days.

4. Raw meat: meat should be at least 70 degrees of roast, otherwise it is e. coli bacteria or Salmonella transfer. So the Steak is still tender, a stab there, some of the chefs with a needle or scratch it with the knife. This, however, can get bacteria into the Interior. In the Restaurant you should take your meat, only well-or at least semi-order, recommends to the attorney.

5. Uncooked eggs: a Salmonella outbreak in the 80s and 90s has a lawyer, Marler raw eggs renounced. Today, the risk of a poisoning is no longer as high as at the time, but had also infected in 2010, about 2000 people in the USA about raw eggs with Salmonella.

6. Raw oysters: oysters are filter-feeding animals. You take everything that swirls in the water around you – even bacteria, viruses and fungi. We eat the sea animals, the microbes in our body. In recent years, food oyster poisoning by raw and shellfish increased, reports the lawyer. The sun may have on climate change: the warmer the water, the better it can reproduce microbes.

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