Giada De Laurentiis Dishes on Her Healthy Diet and the Importance of Self Care

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Giada De Laurentiis spoke to a group of millennial women at the Self-Care Summit in Los Angeles over the weekend, and her message was simple and clear.

“You need to take care of your mind and your body before you can take care of anything else,” De Laurentiis told the audience, according to Parade Magazine. “You need to take care of yourself first.”

It’s a practice she inherited from the strong women in her life, the Food Network star said at the conference, which was hosted by Create and Cultivate.

“My mom was very good about self-care, my grandmother was very good about self-care,” she said. “I watched them, and I became very diligent at a very young age about taking care of my skin, using sunscreen and just keeping it healthy all the time.”

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While her self-care routine as a young woman centered on washing and exfoliating her face regularly, the restauranteur explained how that routine has since developed.

“Over the years, it’s gotten longer and longer and longer, because as you get older, it gets more complicated!” said De Laurentiis. “It’s become more intense over the years. With all the travel, all the makeup, the stress, I’ve had to take care of myself more rigorously.”

De Laurentiis says her routine now includes meditation, “even if it’s just for two minutes,” yoga, acupuncture and supplements, all of which help to remedy different physical and mental stresses.

These days, the 48-year-old is passing the notion onto her 11-year-old daughter, Jade, from her marriage with ex-husband Todd Thompson.

“I’m constantly on her about taking care of herself,” De Laurentiis said of her daughter. “Washing her face every day, flossing as well as brushing,” on top of emotional coping skills such as deep breathing exercises to manage stress.

“Her dad and I got divorced when she was 5, and although she doesn’t remember a lot, and she does pretty well, there’s still a lot of stress that builds up over time,” she continued.

De Laurentiis’ next book, which is due to be released in 2021, will be centered around self-care methods. Lately, she’s been posting her experiences as she researches different treatments like using an “old school sauna with eucalyptus steam.” She’s also been experimenting with healthy recipes free of gluten, refined sugar and dairy.

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For her own diet routine, De Laurentiis starts off her morning with cooked whole grains, like quinoa or brown rice, with a little olive oil on top and garnished with almonds and sea salt. “I like starch in the morning. That, to me, is comfort food,” she told the Self-Care Summit crowd, according to Parade.

Cooked vegetables are also a regular on De Laurentiis’ plate, from kale and sweet potatoes to broccoli rabe. However, she said, there is always room for sweets, telling the audience, “I toe the line five days a week and then on weekends I eat whatever I want.”

De Laurentiis’ website Giadzy will also be focusing more attention on lifestyle and wellness, Parade reports.

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