Great mattress-Check Stiftung Warentest: The cheap, the best are

Stiftung Warentest has bought the Top mattress models from the Tests of the last ten years, with the current methods tested and compared with each other. Nice for the consumer: assets do not need to cost a good mattress today.

Mattresses are one of the favorite test objects of the Foundation goods test. Twice a year the auditors of the spring core, cold foam or latex mattresses. 334 models you have studied since 2008. Now they threw, once again, keep an eye on the 28-bed pads, the cut in the last ten years, especially good, and still available today.

The question was: Are these the same products? And as the good mattresses from previous Tests in the refined program of today? The Stiftung Warentest has purchased the top models of the last ten years, re-examined and compared with each other.

The cheapest mattresses are some of the best

In the 10-year-hitlist mattresses well-known brand manufacturers as well as models from discounters. And the best news first: For every mattress type, it bargains that cost less than 200 euros.

Also encouraging is the result that, of the 28 sooner than well – found mattresses only two of the former quality could not meet-but, of all things, of the prestigious brand Schlaraffia. The foam mattress AC 400 was not stable enough – it was the stress test a lawn pit. And the spring core of the mattress Viva Plus Aqua braised in a solvent, which is considered to be carcinogenic. The grade of “satisfactory” did not make it, both of these requirements in the Best list.

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Around the mattress is often a advertising tale to be told

In General, a high price is no guarantee of quality. With 1300 euros, the most expensive mattress in the last ten years from an average of only “satisfactory”. And for the grade of 4.0 on the worst-rated mattress buyers have to shell out at least 540 euros.

Anyway, the auditors of the Foundation to find the test were that the mattress industry would be advertising to tell a fairy tale: Many of the statements and claims made are simply not correct – whether it’s supposedly important bases, supposedly essential accessory, or the promise of a mattress would make for a healthy back. And also the information of the degrees of hardness would not often vote.

Super good and super convenient in cold foam

  • The Test-2015 for the best mattress, said pad is still the clear winner among the foam, Bodyguard that are only available online and costs only 199 Euro mattresses:. It was the mark of 1.7.
  • The second winner (Note 2,2) cost only half as much: Novitesse Memolux 90 from Aldi Nord. As a promotional offer this price to be hit in February 2019.
  • With good sun properties, with 800 euros, the most expensive foam mattress scored well and came up with Note 2.3 to seat 3: DORMA bell, Innova Air S16 of the bed ring.

Spring core-mattresses – the best made of metal, foam and cavities

  • Here, too, the best costs just under 200 Euro: Malie Polar (rating of 2.2).
  • Behind on points with 2.3 three models of f. a. n. – comfort Med T, multi -, plus T and Sunline T.
  • Also, the grade “good” (2.4) there were as of 2017 for the 149 Euro cheap Union Unicor.

Latex mattresses keep (almost) forever

  • The best of good latex, the Supra-Comfort Allergy of allnatura (Note 2,2) mattresses. It will cost 670 euros.
  • The best deck features are the testers found the Selecta L4. It was the mark of 2.3.
  • Lasting shape retention features of the Morgedal from Ikea, which is 149 euros is the cheapest latex mattress and the grade of 2.4. Best offer on

The detailed report to the mattresses-Test of Stiftung Warentest, you will find here.