Homework improves health

Light physical activity, including in the form of a walk around the house and homework, can improve health, researchers said in the pages of TIME magazine. Specifically useful occupations were called Ironing, cleaning the apartment and around the area of the house, as well as pet grooming.

Scientists reported that the recommendations on physical activity updated. An adult is still recommended 75 minutes of intense, or 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity a week. But now scientists readily agree to regard as a physical activity more relaxing activities than exercise machine.

“More and more research shows that the actions that most of us do not consider sports such as going to the store for groceries or simple home work – also good. Such actions can help prevent chronic diseases, improve mental health and even help us live longer,” spoke about the scientific specialists.
Scientists are appealing to the study, whose results were published the publication the Lancet Psychiatry. According to the data obtained during these surveys, homework in the amount of 2-6 hours per week improves the health that reduces stress, reduce anxiety and depressive symptoms. Another study, published in the journal of the American Geriatrics Society showed that elderly women who spent executing homework of approximately 30 minutes in day, have reduced the personal risk of death by 12%.

Doctors advised as often as you can find in his house an excuse to engage in some cases. The main thing – to move in the feasible for yourself mode.

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