Homophobia in sports is widespread

Many gay or transgender people have to fight in your everyday life with prejudice and discrimination. Just in the Sport, the Problem is pronounced, as current Europe-wide Online shows survey. This is reported by researchers of the Institute for sociology and gender research at the German sport University in Cologne.

Almost 90 percent of the respondents viewed the issue of homophobia, and especially transphobia in Sport, as the current Problem. More than 20 percent due to their sexual orientation or gender identity, even in a sport that you are interested in. This is most common in the case of TRANS-sexual persons of the case and relates primarily to football, Dancing, Swimming and Boxing.

16 percent of respondents who are currently active in sports, have made in the last 12 months, at least a negative personal experience related to their sexual orientation or gender identity. In the case of TRANS-sexual persons, this proportion is higher, in particular in the case of TRANS women (46 percent). Most often it came to verbal insults (82 per cent) and discrimination such as unequal opportunities (75 percent). Verbal threats (44 percent), E-bullying (40 percent), physical boundaries (e.g., Push, 36 percent) and physical violence (20 percent) are also common experiences.

In the survey, more than 5,500 lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and/or intersex people from all 28 EU have participated countries. The age of the respondents is between 16 and 78 years, with an average of 27 years. Based on the results of this study, sports federations and umbrella organisations are currently being asked to share their strategies to combat homo – and transphobic discrimination in Sport.


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