How These 9 Celebrities Got Their Skin Glowing for the Met Gala

Billie Ellish

“Her skin is seriously glowing, minimal but overall flawless. To achieve that radiant look I would recommend a Pomegranate peel followed by LED to really boost that inner glow, giving your skin that deep exfoliation and the clear complexion we are all wanting right before an event”


Serena Williams

“We know Serena lives a very active lifestyle and sweat generally follows that so I would recommend to prep the skin using a gel cleanser to really clear the pores and active serums to boost the skins hydration and replenish the skin”  



“An absolute goddess, always looking glamorous. We are aware Rihanna would be taking care of her skin with her own skincare line Fenty but I would recommend laser genesis to safely rejuvenate her skin. Laser genesis can help improve skin tone, texture and pores and safe on all skin tones”

Dan Levy

“Perfection! His skin looks super dewy. To achieve an overall dewy tone, I would recommend a cream cleanser + a soft granular scrub like a Jojoba wax bead exfoliant followed by a hyaluronic acid mask + serum. In addition to this, I would look to prep the skin with a vitamin C serum to promote that all over dewy feel, another tip is applying your eye cream on your cheekbones can also help to give off that effortless glow look”

Kaia Gerber

“Another super minimal look, but overall, it is about focusing on the skin health, when our skin is healthy and glowing we can get away with that minimal makeup look. The perfect event prep for this would be an oxygen facial to really promote lock-in hydration and revitalisation of the skin. Oxygen facials are already big for Victoria Secret Models before their shows and becoming more and more popular before any big event. Your skin is instantly left feeling more hydrated and plumped, making that makeup look flawless?”

Keke Palmer

“We know Keke suffered from acne while battling with PCOS and its so nice to see her smiling now. I would recommend prepping her skin with a gentle enzyme cleanser, Niacinamide to help with the breakout, pores and skin texture along with a hydrating moisturiser to lock in that hydration to keep the skin looking bright” 


Channing Tatum

“Wow, this is a polished look. To achieve the polished look, I would suggest a clean shave followed by a microdermabrasion or carbon laser facial. This will help to remove any dead skin cells, blackheads and to ensure the skin is left feeling super clean, soft, and glowing. This is a go-to for most males and another very popular treatment before an event”

Addison Rae

“Bronzed goddess Addison is glowing, to gain a bronze facial glow for skin prep I would recommend tanning drops in my moisturiser the night before. As we know Addison can have that combination skin, I would look to use a charcoal cleanser and purifying mask to refine the pores and lean to the glow drops to give that bronzed effect”


“Another glamorous woman, I would recommend to prep the skin before an event to have  Dermaplaning this will help to remove the vellus hair and deeply exfoliate. This will leave your skin feeling fresh, soft and glowing. Make-up will look flawless on the skin without all the peach fuzz hair.”

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