How to punish children if they cannot beat?

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) published in the journal Pediatrics statement that represents the opinion of more than 60 thousand children’s doctors of the USA on a very sensitive subject – how to punish children. Hitting children is not in this belief, experts are categorical. They recommended parents as educational measures to use “more effective and safe” methods of influence.

American experts said that parents in any case, no need to slap, push, beat children who misbehave. Also unacceptable according to scientists measures such as threats and insults, attempts to belittle and shame children.

Experts examine the scientific evidence related to the question of punishment of children, in the last 20 years. They noted that all the above measures of education “does not give the desired effect and can lead to an increase in the aggressiveness of the child, to reduce the volume of gray matter in his brain, and the increased risk of drug addiction, depression and suicidal behavior in adulthood”.

For children under three years of age and preschoolers scientists think it is right to use “method timeout” – ignoring the child, which should be left to sit alone. It is most useful to focus on the good behavior of the child, praising and encouraging him at such times, and to reduce the amount of attention during episodes of bad behavior, it is much more effective than hitting him. More limited than in the relationship with their parents percent of fear and violence, the better for the psyche,said the researchers.

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