How to relieve back pain

Back pain is a common problem for people of any age. It may occur as a result of injury or as a consequence of everyday bad habits. Here’s what experts recommend for relief of back pain.

1. Frequently move your muscles. Back pain is often provoked by our position, especially if we spend a long time hunched over. Eric Robertson (Eric Robertson) from the University of southern California (University of Southern California) made the important distinction to hunch from time to time is quite normal. The problem is not in the pose itself, but if it takes too long to change.

Imagine if you woke up one day and you didn’t turn your head all night. Well, by the end of the day you can’t very well turn my head left or right. It will cause feelings of stiffness and discomfort, he explained.

Try to frequently change body position, develop joints and muscles through a range of movements. If you are constantly behind a Desk, create and perform simple exercises during the day. For example, helps the stretching and crossing arms behind the back, even if you most of the time sitting in one place.

2. Change the body position during sleep or change the mattress. Experts say that sleeping on your side is the ideal position for the spine lengthens it and reduces back pain. They also suggest to avoid sleeping on your stomach (disturbed natural curve of the spine) or in the fetal position (shoulders and neck should be aligned).

In some cases, back problems can even be to the type of mattress on which you sleep. Some people fit a soft mattress, others solid, so when you search for the perfect mattress for a certain amount of trial and error can not be avoided.

3. Find a more suitable bag. Bags shoppers look great, however, if necessary daily to carry a lot of things, you should switch to a backpack. Thanks to the two straps the load decreases, raspredelitel on both shoulders and not just one.

Improper wearing of bags can lead to back pain, shoulder pain and even headaches, said Natalie Lovitz (Natalie Lovitz), clinical Director of professional physical therapy in new York city: Wearing the bag on one side can cause or exacerbate muscle imbalances in the shoulders and spine. This imbalance can also go all the way down and may cause other problems, such as changes in gait.

4. Use a heating pad or an ice pack. The General rule for their use type of pain. If the pain is there as a result of injury, for the treatment of inflammation and swelling recommended ice. If you are experiencing stiffness and numbness, choose warmer.

Use whatever is best suited to treat your symptoms. If you try one method and it is inefficient, just switch to another and will review the situation, said Dr. Rami Saeed (Said Rami) of Columbia University (Columbia University).

According to the materials of Medical Daily

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