It is planned to create a serum for immortality

Scientists are working on a serum for immortality. They believe that the future of cellular technology, a detailed analysis of genetics, biohacking and AI.

American researchers try using these technologies to create a substance that can provide one with immortality. They believe biohacking along with modern works on the genetics and cellular analyses can increase human life at least 2 times. We offer ways scientists can give the opportunity to the internal potential of the person to become more active to fight the disease.

The researchers said that biohacking will give you the opportunity to replace fragments of the human body. In the future, the body may consist of billions of synthetic compounds, scientists believe. Closer to immortality will help and cellular technology. According to experts, if from the bone marrow to remove some stem cells and then introduce them to other fabrics, it will rejuvenate the body.

Also thanks to the emergence of genetic and cell editing has the opportunity to normalize certain processes, including blood circulation and metabolism.

The future of humanity depends on the development of artificial intelligence. This industry is now invested millions of dollars. In particular, investors were the innovative founder of Tesla Elon Musk and Explorer of Russia Dmitry Itskov. They believe that the brain can work in symbiosis with modern gadgets.

However, some scientists treat the immortality with skepticism. They believe that genome editing, updating of the body other invasion of a body of people violate the course of life and the mechanisms of nature.