Jenna Jameson Shares Her Tips for Losing Weight: 'Slow Progress is Progress'

Jenna Jameson is revealing the secrets to her weight loss.

The former adult star, 44, shared with fans in a recent #MondayMotivation Instagram post her tips to shedding pounds while on the keto diet. Since beginning the low-carb, moderate protein, and high-fat eating plan, Jameson — who gave birth to her daughter Batel Lu in April 2017 — has dropped more than 80 lbs.

“Things that have helped me lose weight- I stopped snacking. I allow myself to get hungry. I walk to where I need to go. I stop eating when I’m satisfied,” Jameson began the inspirational post.

She went on to explain that she temporarily stops eating — a practice known as intermittent fasting — between the hours of 6 p.m. and 11 a.m., and regulates the types of food that enter her kitchen and body.

“Purged my kitchen of all processed foods. I don’t feed my family processed food. I barely EVER eat out,” she wrote. “I only shop the perimeter at the market. I consider eating as nourishing not as a reward.”

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“I adjust my food according to how my body is reacting,” she added. “If I am stalled, I eat less calories or cut dairy.”

But above all, Jameson recognizes the importance of enjoying the weight loss journey. “I accept that slow progress is PROGRESS. I take progress pictures to motivate me,” she said. “Most importantly, I treat myself with love and patience.”

Along with the helpful hints, Jameson posted a side-by-side image of herself before and after she lost weight.

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Since noticing her own impressive results, sharing diet tips and tricks is something that Jameson has taken pride in.

Just a few weeks ago, the star opened up about her recommendations to starting the keto diet — and said that being in the right headspace is the first step.

“I think my most frequently asked question is ‘Where do I start with keto?’ ” she wrote on Sunday. “First, get right in your mind! Be positive and visualize success!”

Similar to her most recent post, Jameson encouraged people to clean out their kitchens — “Get rid of everything with hidden sugars and all the processed nasty garbage you’ve been poisoning yourself with,” she said — and hit the grocery store.

“I suggest Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s,” she explained. “They don’t carry as much highly processed junk food that can tempt. Buy organic and grassfed. Invest in your insides!”

“If you are shopping at a regular grocery, I suggest shopping the perimeter of the store and never the aisles,” she finished. “Good rule of thumb is if it is a whole food, not a mixture of chemicals, it’s what god intended you to eat!”

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In addition, Jameson often shares her daily diet regiments, which includes lots of proteins, vegetables, and hydration. And eating healthy has not only impacted her weight, but also her skin and health.

“I’ve never talked about how changing my diet has impacted the inflammation in my body,” she said in a post last week. “Not only has my face changed from weightloss, but eating whole foods and next to zero processed foods has made my skin better.”

“Less puffiness, we all can go for that! Even better, my joints don’t ache anymore,” she explained. “It’s as if I’ve turned back the clock.”

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