Kate Hudson's Prenatal Yoga Teacher Shares the Pose that Helped the Star 'Connect' to Daughter Rani

Scroll through Kate Hudson‘s Instagram feed and you’ll see plenty of posts sharing her passion for health and wellness.

Whether she’s demonstrating crazy, hard one-legged push-ups, posing for sweaty gym selfies or announcing her partnership with WW on social media, the Oscar-nominated actress is no stranger to fit living.

So it’s no wonder that Hudson, 39, turned to prenatal yoga to stay healthy before giving birth to daughter Rani Rose in October.

“Kate is the embodiment of strength and confidence,” says her LA-based pre and postnatal yoga and fitness expert Desi Bartlett, author of Your Strong, Sexy Pregnancy: A Yoga and Fitness Plan. “She knows who she is and I think that is sexy as hell.”

Bartlett, who trained Hudson for four months during her second and third trimesters, says the Fabletics co-founder works equally hard on and off the mat.

“Her practice is beautiful and strong and she moves like a dancer,” Bartlett tells PEOPLE, adding that Hudson has a playful side too. “She is funny and kind and open-minded. When I pulled out sage to clear the energy in the room, you could tell this was not her first rodeo!”

Hudson was equally impressed by Bartlett, who she credits with helping her bond with Rani.

“Desi gave me one of the most beautiful gifts during my pregnancy,” Hudson tells PEOPLE. “She coached me using her yoga expertise and brought me on a spiritual journey that connected me to my little girl as she grew inside.”

One of Hudson’s favorite poses during their 75-minute sessions was Butterfly, which the blissed-out-looking actress demonstrated on social media while she was still pregnant.

“Visualizing and connecting to a healthy birth and my first filthy dirty martini,” she jokingly wrote on her Instagram feed in June.

According to Bartlett, there are countless benefits for women who practice the move throughout pregnancy.

Hudson “loved this pose for meditation and visualization,” says Barlett. “She was incredibly connected to her pregnancy and her baby. To see a woman so in tune with the health and well-being of the baby inside her was incredibly inspirational.”

Here’s how you can incorporate Hudson’s favorite pose into your own prenatal routine.

Supported Butterfly Pose

Lay down with your head above your heart, the soles of your feet together and your knees turned out so that your body is shaped like a butterfly. You can use four throw pillows or two blocks and one bolster if you need extra support for your growing belly.

Close your eyes, breathe gently and connect to the beautiful baby inside of you that chose you.

Hold for 3 to 5 minutes.

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