Keanu Reeves health: The ‘life-changing’ moment behind the star’s youthful looks

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Throughout the decades, fans have noticed that Keanu Reeves has seemingly not aged. People have quipped that he is an immortal vampire, but what is really behind his successful ageing? The Canadian actor has had to keep physically in shape to perform stunts in his movies, such as Point Break. Speaking of which, Keanu described his training for the role as “life-changing”, as he met Denise Snyder, who became his personal fitness “guru” for more than 25 years.

Remaining physical fit is clearly one key component of ageing well, which the NHS can attest to.

By being active, you can reduce your risk of life-limiting diseases, such as bowel cancer and coronary heart disease.

The National Council on Ageing (NCOA) added that moving more in later life can help to prevent bone loss.

Research from the University of Wisconsin, America, theorised that moderate exercise is also linked to better immunity.

Moreover, the American Academy of Dermatology Association (AAD) noted that exercise can help to maintain your weight and “do wonders for your skin”.

Being physically fit is associated with a lowered risk or severity of acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

This is because exercise can help reduce feelings of stress and can promote better sleep; both of which could otherwise trigger skin flare-ups.

Thus, Keanu’s demanding work schedule, one that keeps him on his feet, could be contributing to his good skin and trim figure.

While working on The Matrix, Keanu revealed that he follows a “low-sodium, low-fat” diet.

Excess salt in the diet, for example, could lead to water retention and bloating.

A diet high in fat, on the other hand, is likely to lead to weight gain – or high cholesterol.

High cholesterol can lead to small lumps to form on the eyelids, the AAD pointed out, which could be unsightly.

By taking care of your health via diet and exercise, not only are you looking after your insides, you’re going to look better on the outside.

Eating a well-balanced, nutritious and healthy diet can provide the body with vital minerals and nutrients.

As such, these goodies can be utilised by the body to help create strong and healthy nails, and healthier hair strands.

Thus, by eating well, your hair, skin and nails will benefit, which can only be a good thing.

While people grow older in their own way, the UK-based charity Age UK has shared more tips to help you age well.

In addition to diet and exercise, the key tips include looking after your teeth, taking vitamin supplements if needed, and taking care of your feet.

Other tips include having regular medical check-ups and to remove unhealthy habits from your life, such as smoking.

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