Long Covid clinic near me: Where are long Covid clinics?

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Coronavirus is continuing to wreak havoc around the world, and now experts have been raising awareness of long COVID – with symptoms of the virus lingering in some patients for months. Now Health Secretary Matt Hancock has announced the opening of 40 specialist long COVID clinics across England.

The country is currently in second lockdown this year following a sharp increase in cases.

Restrictions are due to last until at least December 2, so long as the r-rate has been driven down by lockdown measures.

Coronavirus is a new virus, and so scientists are working to understand the symptoms, treatments and vaccine.

Now those who find themselves suffering for months after catching the virus will be able to seek specialist treatment.

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Where are long COVID clinics?

The NHS has announced it will launch a network of more than 40 ‘long COVID’ specialist clinics within weeks.

This is aimed to help thousands of patients suffering debilitating effects of the virus months after being infected.

In total 10 sites have been earmarked for the Midlands, seven in the North East.

There will be six in the East of England, South West and South East respectively, five in London and three in the North West.

As soon as more information on exact locations is available Express.co.uk will update this page.

Thousands of people in Britain are suffering from “long COVID” Mr Matt Hancock said on Monday.

Speaking at a Downing Street press conference the Health Secretary said: “We’ve already seen the serious impact that long COVID can have on people’s quality of life, even the fit and the young, symptoms like fatigue and breathlessness, muscle pain and neurological problems, long after they first had the virus.

“And we know that long COVID affects thousands of people, many thousands of people.”

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He added the 40 clinics would be opened by the end of the month.

NHS Chief Executive Sir Simon Stevens said: “Long COVID is already having a very serious impact on many people’s lives and could well go on to affect hundreds of thousands.

“That is why, while treating rising numbers of patients who are sick with the virus and many more who do not have it, the NHS is taking action to address those suffering ongoing health issues.

“These pioneering ‘long COVID’ clinics will help address the very real problems being faced by patients today while the taskforce will help the NHS develop a greater understanding of the lasting effects of coronavirus.”

What is long COVID?

Long COVID is when patients who had COVID-19 have seen long-lasting symptoms months after catching the virus.

Symptoms can include memory loss, breathlessness, fatigue, muscle aches, joint pain and lack of concentration.

Some have also reported depression and hair loss after catching the virus.

Specialist clinics will be able to offer help to those suffering from long COVID.

Studies are ongoing into the symptoms, long-term impacts and treatments of those who suffer long after being diagnosed with COVID-19.

According to experts, long-lasting Covid may not be one illness but four different syndromes, which some may suffer simultaneously.

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