Medical Treatment Abroad: It’s Affordable, Simple and Efficient

About 30 million people worldwide travel abroad for treatment, diagnosis, and rehabilitation every year. Such a large quantity is due to 2 reasons. Firstly, large foreign clinics provide discounts to patients from abroad, so treatment becomes more affordable.

Secondly, there are some agencies that are involved in organizing treatment abroad is developing – these companies take care of all negotiations with clinics and therapists, provide accompanying and interpreters. You can visit the and make sure that medical treatment abroad is more affordable than it seems, because the Booking Health takes all cares upon itself.

What should you take into account?
After deciding to be treated in another country, it is important to consider some points related to the preparation and organization of the trip. Many clinics offer paid service packages, which include basic examinations. It is necessary to find out whether any additional procedures are needed, for which you will have to pay separately (for example, MRI). You will also have to prepare specific documents (medical history, roentgenogram, examination results, etc.). Perhaps after the course of treatment accomplishment (or after surgery) in the selected clinic, you will have to come back again to make sure that the rehabilitation period runs without complications.

What countries are appreciated?
Experts have compiled a list of the most popular countries for medical tourism.
Germany is an absolute leader. People mainly come here for cancer, infertility, and cardiovascular disease treatment. There are many women among patients in German clinics, who come to Germany for pregnancy and childbirth. The phrases “German reliability” and “German quality” fully apply to medicine – the level of healthcare in the country is extremely high. At the same time, prices in German clinics are fixed, and the ban on raising prices for foreigners is enshrined in law.

Israel. Many patients with cancer come here, as Israeli hospitals are known for their achievements in the blastoma treatment. Here also successfully can be treated diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Switzerland. The experience of Swiss doctors, as well as new and old methods in treatment, can cure even the most complex diseases. Basically, Swiss medical institutions specialize in oncology. Therapists use the latest technologies during treatment, for example, the installation of a gamma knife. The radiation of this device allows eliminating cancerous tumors without surgical intervention. Virology is also popular, as used medications can slow down the development of retroviruses by 2-3 times. ECO procedure makes it possible to increase the chance of fertilization up to 75% after its first passage.

Czech Republic. Popular spa resorts of the Czech Republic are useful in treating the diseases of the liver, heart and kidneys, infertility, and problems with the musculoskeletal system.