Metal foil in the dough filling: Rewe calls back stuffed pasta

Rewe calls back, as a precaution, the product “REWE Fine world – pumpkin and sage Girasoli”. Of a consumption of the producing company Gusto Di Casa, Italy – San Giovanni Lupattoto strongly advises against.

The reason for the precautionary recall of the person concerned, date of minimum durability radicals soft metal-like foil that may be occasionally reached in the filling, the dough goods, known to Rewe on his website.

This is Girasoli pasta filled with pumpkin and sage. Rewe , The product is recalled

A health risk cannot be conclusively excluded, which is why the company gave the affected product from sale take:

REWE Fine world – pumpkin and sage Girasoli, 250 g,
Date of minimum durability: 22.12.2019
EAN 4388860002041

Of this precautionary measure, products with different expiry dates are not affected.

Customers may return the product in the respective market return and get the purchase price refunded.

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