Metallic foreign body found: Rewe gets chopped almonds of the brand Yes! back

The food retailer Rewe will return to the chopped almonds (100 grams) of the house brand “Yes!” with the mind-set of areas of capability date 25.06.2020. The reason for the precautionary recall of the affected Batch: It is metallic foreign were found bodies in some products. Before consumption is strongly discouraged.

The recall information is available to the Portal “for product“ before. The article was immediately withdrawn from sale. Customers who have purchased the items previously, you can type in the respective market and get back the purchase price, even without presentation of the receipts.

Other products or products of other batches (with date of minimum durability) are not affected.

The affected product:

Product: Yes! Almonds, chopped
Content: 100g
Date of minimum durability: 25.06.2020
EAN: 4388840215447

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