Mexican brings Siebenlinge to the world

In the Mexican city of Guanajuato for the first time seven children were born at once. By caesarean section, the mother brought the children in the 26. Week of pregnancy to the world. One of the Siebenlinge died after birth.

In Mexico, a woman Siebenlinge has brought to the world. A girl had died after the birth of a cardiac arrest, announced the Ministry of health of the Federal state of Guanajuato on Friday. The Baby only weighed 450 grams. It was the first birth of Seven springs in Guanajuato. The mother had undergone fertility treatment.

Doctors are fighting for Survival of the babies

The children were in the 26. Week of pregnancy by caesarean section has been brought to the world, after the 30-year-old mother, the contractions had started. Doctors try multiple births usually up to at least 29. Week of delay, in order to increase the chances of Survival of the children. The Doctors fight for the lives of the babies. The three girls and three boys to be ventilated in the hospital in Celaya artificially. They only weigh between 550 and 650 grams.