Mom stopped to feed the 9-year-old daughter breast

This mom just stopped breastfeed breast and misses this practice. Note that the girl recently turned 9 years old.

Resident North Yorkshire Sharon Spink sometimes even called a pedophile because she a long time refused to stop breastfeeding her daughter. Charlotte stopped taking the breast after said 9th birthday. While the Sharon claims that breast-feeding so an adult child is completely normal, it allows you to build a special emotional relationship between mother and daughter. And the decision on the termination of breastfeeding itself took the girl two months ago. If Charlotte wanted to continue this practice, then her mother wouldn’t mind.

She claims she was beginning to miss breastfeeding her daughter. According to Sharon, this habit made a child healthy amazingly because Charlotte almost never gets sick due to consumption of breast milk. As for “indecent conduct towards a child”, in which Sharon accused, it considers such claims nonsense. The woman wants to destroy a negative attitude about breastfeeding older children and to persuade women to actively practice it.

“When I gave birth to Charlotte, I immediately decided that I would breastfeed as much as you can, says Sharon. It’s great to have a kid who decides he wants to take my Breasts or not. We never showed violence in this matter. Charlotte naturally refused breastfeeding a few months ago, it happened gradually and it was a natural choice. Prior to that, she took the chest no more than once a month, and now I’m starting to miss that”. (READ MORE)