Munch on this healthy nut to control hunger pangs

Nuts and seeds are known to encourage weight loss by curbing one’s appetite and making one feel fuller for longer.

Nuts and seeds are believed to be incredibly beneficial for one’s health. They are known to encourage weight loss by helping curb one’s appetite by making one feel fuller for longer, cutting down on binge-eating too. Now with a nip in the air, many people choose to munch on nuts, one of which is the crunchy and buttery pine nut — popularly known as chilgoza. While the outer dark-brown coat or shell is tough, its edible kernel is creamy white and sweet in taste.

Here’s why you should have this nut

*The high-calorie content of the nut chiefly comes from fats like monounsaturated fatty acids like oleic acid that helps to lower LDL or bad cholesterol and increases HDL or good cholesterol in the blood. Research studies suggest that the Mediterranean diet, which contains useful amounts of monounsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants, helps to prevent coronary artery disease and strokes by favouring a healthy blood lipid profile.

*Pines, much like almonds, are an excellent source of vitamin E. They have a powerful lipid soluble antioxidant required for maintaining the integrity of cell membrane of mucosa and skin by protecting it from harmful free oxygen radicals.

*Being nutrient-dense, pine nuts are loaded with healthy fats, dietary fibres, plant sterols, arginine, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that are protect the heart. The high antioxidant content in the seeds is known to slow down ageing as they combat free radicals, which play a part in age-related deterioration.

*Pine nuts contain healthy amounts of essential minerals like manganese, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc and selenium. Pines are one of the richest sources of manganese, which helps the human body develop resistance.

*Rich in iron, pine nuts help the blood carry oxygen. They are also great for brain health. It’s a good idea to roast them, as that will reduce the effect of iron inhibitors.



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*The unsaturated fats found in pine nuts help increase insulin sensitivity. In addition, when eaten as part of a meal, they can reduce the overall glycaemic index, which is beneficial for diabetics.

*Pine nuts are great for dieters. A handful of these seeds help in weight management as it curbs hunger pangs.

Pine nuts are a little expensive but including a handful of these in your everyday diet will be good for your overall health. They can either be eaten raw after removing the outer covering, or even roasted, or tossed with salads for added benefits. You can even have them as a crunchy addition to your smoothies and other vegetarian dishes.

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