Not fizzling out! UK breaks daily record for new monkeypox cases – concern justified

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The monkeypox wave is gathering momentum in the UK and its outpacing other countries, the latest data shows. According to the latest data compiled by the Government, the UK has seen the biggest daily rise since in cases. The data published today shows the UK has recorded another 123 cases within the last 24 hours. 

England alone has recorded 71 new daily cases of monkeypox.

This surpasses last week’s daily record of 88.

Commenting on the latest data, epidemiologist and health economist Eric Feigl-Ding said: “Whoever said last week that we are done finding cases is dead wrong.”

Writing on Twitter, the health expert added: “Cautious concern is justified & warranted.”

According to the epidemiologist, there’s even more suspected cases pending.

“This new monkeypox epidemic is not fizzling out yet.”

The current ranking of daily cases:

  • Spain – 196
  • UK – 172
  • Portugal – 96
  • Canada – 63
  • Netherlands – 32
  • Germany – 31
  • France – 17
  • USA – 15
  • Italy – 14.

It comes in the wake of new guidance issued to UK residents.

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