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Tips: how the right diet after 40

For many people, the character changes in mid-life: in Spite of the same food you take. This is because with increasing age, metabolism and body composition change, and the energy demand drops. Therefore, it is important to change after the age of 40 years, certain eating habits. Experts have some tips to help to keep the weight off and stay healthy.

In the past, many eat what you wanted, could, without gaining weight. But after 40 years, the figure changes often quickly. Because of the wrong eating habits that have set for years, can have a particularly drastic. Therefore, it is better to prevent weight gain. The technician health insurance (TK) explains on their website how you can do it.

The body changes in old age


The muscle mass of our body decreases with age. Instead, it is unfortunately stored more fat. This is a natural process, but one can, through sufficient exercise and a balanced diet to counteract. It is important that the decline in calorie needs need to be taken into account – otherwise there is the risk of Obesity.

The health insurance Fund indicates that a slight increase in weight with increasing age is not a reason for concern, because the older you get, the more you may weigh. The BMI (Body Mass Index) is calculated from the ratio of the body weight in kilogram over the body height in square meters: BMI = body weight in kg/body height in square meters.


As TK explained with an example, a woman with a body weight of 65 kilos for a height of 1.65 m with a BMI of 23,88 and is of a normal weight. However, even with 70 pounds of you is from the age of 35 years a normal weight. The professionals, according to the following recommendations apply:

  • Age: 19-24; Recommended BMI: 19-24
  • Age: 25-34; Recommended BMI: 20-25
  • Age: 35-44; Recommended BMI: 21-26
  • Age: 45-54; Recommended BMI: 22-27
  • Age 55-65; Recommended BMI: 23-28
  • Age over 65; Recommended BMI 24-29

But just because the magic limit of 40 years has been exceeded, this does not mean that all of the previous habits have to be changed. In the mid-life questioning, however, many the state of your health, and draw a short balance sheet of life.

So avoid Obesity

Who wants to continue to start fit and healthy in the day, should pay attention to a balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables, low – fat dairy products and whole grain products. This contributes to physical and mental wellbeing and can help to avoid Obesity. The TK has the following tips for a better diet:

  • Eat on a regular basis. This is good for the blood sugar level and avoids food cravings.
  • Preferably the whole-grain products access, for example, as bread or pasta, and fiber-rich foods. These saturate better and regulate digestion.
  • Low-fat dairy products, and meat products to choose from. These provide important nutrients and low in fat. This can help to control the weight.
  • Finished products – if at all – only rarely consume, as they often contain a lot of fat and/or sugar.
  • Sweet and pastries, just consume them in moderation – is usually very a lot of fat and sugar is included. A piece of fruit cake is better than cake. However, one should not forbid themselves Sweet in General, which can promote the cravings yet.
  • Enough to drink: So that the body will increases better blood circulation, and the ability to concentrate. The best water, juice spritzers, as well as unsweetened herbal and fruit teas are also suitable. Coffee and black tea should only be drunk in moderation.
  • Lemonade and Cola to avoid – they contain a lot of sugar and still not tired of it. Also, do not delete the thirst.
  • Alcohol contains a lot of energy. Therefore, alcoholic beverages should be consumed only in moderation and not daily.

In addition to proper nutrition, it is also important to move sufficiently. Optimally 30 minutes, according to the TK three Times a week intense physical activity. But also three Times a week and quickly walk brings the circulation going. (ad)

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